‘Arrow’: ‘So It Begins’ Review

Arrow has a new big bad this year, a mystery archer by the name of Prometheus and while he has been going after the Green Arrow since the premiere, Oliver Queen only learned about his existence as of last week.

Tobias Church revealed before he was knocked out that Prometheus is coming for him and this week, it was time to hunt the new baddie. But Prometheus is upping his game while Oliver tries to find him as the sinister archer begins to kill people and making Green Arrow look like the serial killer that is running around in Star City.

However, the new team members take issue with Oliver when he keeps insisting on not letting the newbies in on everything that’s happening. They also discover the type of hero that Oliver used to be back when he first begun, which troubles them big time. Evelyn/Artemis however struggles to accept Oliver’s methods and decides to take on Prometheus alone.

In the Russian flashbacks this week, Oliver finally meets Konstantin Kovar (guest star The Expendables’ Dolph Lundgren) after a undercover mission goes wrong and while Kovar kills Oliver’s partner, he lets Oliver live, but for how long.

Given how packed “So It Begins” was, we have a lot to breakdown so hit the next button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Arrow Season 5 episode: “So It Begins”

#5: Oliver’s Inner Struggle

#4: Felicity Tells Billy Her Secret

#3: Dolph Lundgren Enters Russian Flashbacks

#2: Thea Discover Quentin’s Alcoholic Problem

#1: Prometheus Revealed?

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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