‘Arrow’: ‘Underneath’ Review

Arrow 520Arrow opens up with where we left off last week as Oliver and Felicity are trapped inside the bunker that is in shutdown mode thanks to Adrian Chase. The power is out and Oliver tries to find Felicity who can’t get up. Adrian activated an EMP that fried all the electronics in the bunker, including the chip in Felicity’s spine that makes her able to walk. They try to get a message to the team on the other side as we cut to a flashback 11 months ago which was taking place after the fall of Damien Darhk.  In the flashback, Felicity has a chat with Curtis who asks if she regrets breaking up with Oliver, which she denies. Curtis brings up William, who Felicity claims is a symbol for how Oliver doesn’t seem to trust her at all. Oliver shows up with groceries as he had been told by Curtis to have dinner with him and Felicity.

Curtis “suddenly” remembers that he has to take off as he has a date with his husband Paul and takes off. During their dinner, they both get drunk as Oliver tries to teach Felicity how to use the salmon ladder. That leads to them making out and getting busy in the bunker. The next morning Felicity makes it clear that despite what happened, they can’t get back together again. Later on, Felicity comes back and apologizes to Oliver for how she walked out on their relationship last year. While she isn’t ready for it, Felicity does say that she does want to leave the door open for them to potentially have a future together again someday.

Back in the present, Quentin and Rene are trying to reach Oliver with no luck. Rene calls Curtis up who is trying to enter the bunker, but notices there is no power in the building. He suddenly hears a bomb go off from the inside, but it is Oliver firing arrows and trying to blast his way out. Felicity and Oliver realize that Adrian is going after Oliver’s son William. At the Diggle residency, Lyla and Dig are continuing to go through their issues from last week as he is still not OK with how she is running ARGUS. They get interrupted by the other Team Arrow members as they inform the couple that Oliver and Felicity are in trouble. The team realizes that an EMP shut the bunker down and that after a few hours; they are going to run out of air down there.

Back at the bunker, Oliver and Felicity continue to try and find ways to get out of there. Oliver starts climbing up the elevator shaft and gets to the top, but triggers another one of Adrian’s booby traps as he falls down to bottom and gets injured. While Felicity patches him up, they continue to arguing with each other about the Helix situation and trust issues. Oliver tries Felicity’s plan to use his motorcycle to power up the bunker’s mainframe, so they can contact the team. He brings up the Helix situation how it had nothing to do with him not trusting Felicity. Oliver was more worried that by taking this path, she would end up like him. Their plan almost works, but the system gets fried and they accidentally rupture a methane gas pipe. Oliver tries patching the pipe up with duct tape, but it doesn’t work. They only have a couple of minutes left before they suffocate.

Oliver decides to try and escape with Felicity through a steam pipe that is just underneath the bunker. In order to get there, they have to break through a steel door. Felicity hooks one of Oliver’s arrows with explosives as he fires it at the door and blows it up. However, as they get into the steam pipe, they discover it is a dead end before Oliver passes out from inhaling methane gas. Felicity gets him to wake up and he admits to her what he admitted to Adrian: that the reason he kills criminals is because he enjoys killing. That was why he didn’t want Felicity to become like him and Oliver passes out again. A bit later, he wakes up and Felicity tries to convince him that Adrian is wrong about Oliver. As she is telling him all of this, Curtis’s T-Sphere blows a hole in the wall as they can now communicate with the rest of the team outside.

They have some bad news though: when the mainframe goes online again, it will cause the methane to set off a massive explosion. But Curtis comes up with a plan to manually get the ventilation system back on before mainframe comes back. The rest of Team Arrow goes to save Oliver and Felicity, but he passes out again while carrying Felicity on his back. Curtis sends over his T-Sphere again that is loaded with adrenaline which gets Oliver back up again. Diggle has to climb down the elevator shaft, but one of the ladders underneath him falls down. Oliver, with Felicity on his back, has to climb up through another ladder on the side before jumping over to John who catches him. Felicity, however, almost falls down and begs Oliver to let her go as it will be too heavy. Oliver manages to get her back on his back and Rene pulls the three of them up.

Back at ARGUS, while Oliver’s surgery is done, Diggle apologizes to Lyla for not trusting her and promises his wife they will get through this. Lyla goes to see Oliver who wants to speak with Felicity. Oliver tells her how he appreciated Felicity’s encouraging speech while they were down there. Felicity apologizes for her involvement with Helix, how she regrets for not understanding how difficult his life is and how she broke things off between them because of William. She suggests to Oliver to try and figure out what kind of person he is.

The episode ends with Adrian finding William somewhere far away from Star city as he is coming home from school and introduces himself as a “friend” of Oliver. With so much going down in tonight’s episode and with that ending, there is a lot we have to discuss and breakdown. Hit the next button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Arrow Season 5 episode: “Underneath”

#5: Diggle & Lyla’s Issues

#4: The Flashback

#3: Trapped In A Bunker

#2: Adrian Goes After William

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts


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