‘Arrow’: ‘Vigilante’ Review

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arrow-507-imagesArrow has been crowded with vigilantes more than ever this season, as Oliver Queen a.k.a. the Green Arrow has recruited new members like Rag Man, Wild Dog, Artemis, along with Mr. Terrific. But in Star City, there is no limits to how many vigilantes there can as this week’s episode marked the introduction of one of Arrow’s most brutal vigilantes.

Team Arrow begins to discover that someone is cleaning up the streets of criminals, but in a more violent way than the team is operating with. He is simply known as Vigilante who clashes with Green Arrow because of their different methods of protecting the city.

In the Russian flashbacks, Oliver is being kept hostage by Konstantin Kovar who is insisting that the Bratva are actually corrupt. But Oliver isn’t giving in to his words as he tries to challenge the Russian baddie.

Quentin confesses to Thea about his alcoholic problems and his blackouts, along with the mysterious throwing star as well as that he woke up covered in blood. The two realizes that Prometheus is trying to paint Quentin as the new evil archer, which leads Quentin to resign as deputy mayor.

While Vigilante gets away, the episode ends on a huge Prometheus moment as we discover that one of Oliver’s allies has betrayed the team. Given how packed “Vigilante” was, we have a lot to breakdown so hit the next button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Arrow Season 5 episode: “Vigilante”

#5: Oliver’s Bonding With Susan Williams

#4: Konstantin Vs Oliver In Russian Flashbacks

#3: Quentin Deals With His Problems

#2: Enter Star City’s New Vigilante

#1: Team Arrow 2.0. Has A Traitor

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  • Monty

    Why was the fight between Amell and Lungren so awesome but the fight between Arrow and Vigilante so darn lame? There’s still some good stuff in this episode but that fight scene should have been beyond epic.