DCTV’s Arrowverse Episode Roundup: Coming Back From Hurt

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Welcome back to the DCTV Arrowverse episode roundup! There were a lot of fantastic character moments and plot developments on this week’s CW shows.

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Supergirl dealt with the aftermath of Jeremiah’s betrayal while trying to prevent Cadmus from kidnapping aliens; The Flash had to deal with the wrath of Savitar and one of the characters betrayed the team by holding onto a Savitar keepsake; DC’s Legends of Tomorrow went back to the Cretaceous period and also battled inside Rip Hunter’s mind.

The interweaving theme this week is that of trying to come back from actions taken against loved ones and friends.

Each episode roundup recaps the show’s main plot points, with a section for commentary.

Let’s get started! Click through the gallery to read through each episode!

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Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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