DCTV’s Arrowverse Episode Roundup: Coming Back From Hurt

Supergirl | Episode 2.15 | “Exodus”

  • Jeremiah is now an “enemy combatant” and the DEO is to arrest him on sight.
  • Alex doesn’t believe Jeremiah went to Cadmus willingly. She thinks he’s maybe brainwashed or something. She’s the only one who still believes in him.
  • Cadmus is abducting all the aliens who are listed on the registry that Jeremiah handed over to Lillian.  
  • Kara promises an exclusive interview with Supergirl to Snapper Carr about Cadmus intel and the stolen list.
  • Jeremiah says that to make sure that Cadmus trusted him, he had to betray his children. He reveals his plan to Alex that Cadmus is going to kill the aliens, but tells her not to tell the DEO… only it’s J’onn in disguise to test her judgement, which has been emotionally compromised after agreeing to help. He suspends her. Kara agrees with J’onn, especially after hearing about how she went off on a Cadmus agent. Maggie is on Alex’s side and agrees to help her get her dad back.
  • Lena researches why L Corp is being billed for a facility that shut down ten years prior.
  • Cadmus’ plan is to send the aliens back to their planets by “forcibly deporting” them. Alex is horrified.
  • Kara is fired after posting what she knows to The Citizen, a competing publication.

Episode Commentary: “Exodus” was a solid episode because it truly gave focus to Kara and Alex. It also gave a great and powerful Supergirl-saves-the-day sequence. At the same time, the scene was a very emotional moment for the Danvers sisters, since Alex was stuck on the ship being sent to space. However, Alex went a little too far when she took to beating up a kidnapped Cadmus agent, but the episode at least focused on her emotional turmoil and after-effects of Jeremiah’s betrayal. Kara being fired from her job as a reporter was warranted because she was terrible at it anyway and James finally reemerged after a two-episode absence (finally!). “Exodus” was a very Danvers-centered episode and that’s mostly the reason why it worked.

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