DCTV’s Arrowverse Episode Roundup: The Power Of A Connection


Supergirl | Episode 2.20 | “City of Lost Children”

Episode Plot Roundup:

  • Lena is still working with Rhea to design and build a machine that will help Rhea get back to Daxam. Unbeknownst to Lena, Rhea doesn’t plan on going back to Daxam, but programmed the machine to signal the remaining Daxamites to come to Earth. Also, the machine allows for other aliens to transform and go into hyperactive powers mode. One of the aliens, a mother to a young boy named Marcus, is on the run after the machine caused her to wreak havoc on downtown National City.
  • James is feeling down because he thinks that his being Guardian isn’t bringing people hope, but rather scaring them instead. He doesn’t think he can make a difference like Supergirl can with her powers, etc. However, once he crosses paths with Marcus, who’s afraid and lost his mother, James is the only one who can connect with him to help him find his mother and discover what’s really going on.
  • With the help of Marcus, the DEO crew find his mom and a whole group of aliens hiding out. James proves that he is a hero with or without a suit.
  • Mon-El almost kills his mom after she reveals herself and turns on the machine, but he doesn’t. Rhea admits that now she’s out for vengeance on Kara and blames her for keeping Mon-El on Earth.

Episode Commentary: “City of Lost Children” finally brought James back into the story after having been neglected for so long. His connection to Marcus brought the crux of the emotional impact in this week’s episode and the pair’s scenes together were very, very well done. I especially liked that Winn called him a hero, suit or not, as this show has looked down in human heroes in the past. I hope the show continues to showcase James more moving forward. Rhea’s betrayal wasn’t at all surprising, but I’m more interested to see how this will affect Lena and her psyche. Hopefully, the show will also remember that Cadmus exists.

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