DCTV’s Arrowverse Episode Roundup: Past Events Shape The Paths…

Arrowverse Episode Roundup

Welcome back to the DCTV Arrowverse episode roundup! It’s been a while (three weeks, but who’s counting?!). This week in The CW’s superhero universe, our heroes dealt with murdering nanotech, a look into a grim future, and changing team dynamics.

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On Supergirl, Kara dealt with the mystery of nanobots killing people while trying to be a good reporter, The Flash took a trip to a broken and depressing future where Iris West is no longer alive, and Arrow contended with ARGUS and Felicity had to choose between Helix and Team Green Arrow.

The connecting theme this week is how past actions and events shape characters and who they become.

Each episode roundup recaps the show’s main plot points, with a section for commentary.

Let’s get started! Click through the gallery to read through each episode!

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Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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