‘Avengers 4’ Set Photo Possibly Squashes Time Travel, Alternate Reality Theories

Avengers Marvel Robert Downey Jr Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Scarlett JohanssonFor months now, the thought of Avengers 4 taking us through time back to the events of the first Avengers seemed like a sure thing. With the help of an Infinity Stone or two, traveling through time or even altering reality itself remain on table. Though almost every set photo so far would lead many to theorize those exact things, a new one may squash all of that.

This photo may not seem like much at first glance. Upon looking closer though, the words on an orange box read “Binary Augmented Retro Framing” or “BARF.” Sound familiar? It should. If you remember, Captain America: Civil War featured Disney using that youth technology to show Robert Downey Jr. as a much younger Tony Stark. Tony was putting his latest invention BARF on full display, allowing him to revisit his most recent memory of his parents.

BARF seems to be at it yet again. You can see the set photo below:

Why didn't anyone tell me this was not right side up?

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So what can this mean in regards to all those previous set photos of Loki getting captured in New York or Thor getting his long locks back? A lot. In fact, every set photo that indicates a flashback or potential time altering could simply be a training tactic for the Avengers who could use BARF as a way to get more intel on Thanos. Being that BARF only allows to go back into memories though, that specific plan might be a bit difficult.

In any case, BARF certainly makes it a lot harder to really gain anything from set photos now. By not knowing what’s real and what’s a memory. What do you think? Does BARF bring to light any new theories or can the reality/time stone(s) still be at play here?

Let the speculation commence! The fourth Avengers film hits theaters May 3, 2019 — so we have plenty of time.

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