‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Review: Marvel Studios Lays Down The Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos Avengers Infinity War HeaderTen years ago the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched with Iron Man and not even the titular hero, nor the audience knew that we were about witness a larger universe of heroes. Iron Man’s success opened up doors for a sequel, Captain America, Thor and an Incredible Hulk reboot that would ultimately lead us to The Avengers. Every film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been leading up to Avengers: Infinity War.

From Iron Man to Thor: Ragnarok, every event and occurrence that has happened is significant for Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos has been a looming threat since the very first Avengers post credits sting that implied his wrath was inbound. Seeing the Mad Titan’s grin at then end of the film upped the anti for a newly-formed Marvel Studios universe. It implied to its audience that there was more to come with this bigger threat. Thanos would go on to appear prominently in Guardians of the Galaxy and briefly for the post-credits scene of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. These minor glimpses let us know that he was going to be the biggest bad our heroes would ever face.

Infinity War lived up to all of my expectations and more. After a slew of amazing films in Phase 3 like Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther. I did not think Marvel Studios could out do themselves but they did just that. Not only have they outdone any previous Phase 3 films, they’ve outdone every film they’ve ever made. The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Black Panther always took the top spot for me and now with the snap of the Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War is my favorite Marvel movie. But enough of the fluff, let’s get down to exactly what makes this film so special.

Avengers Infinity War

The non-stop action of the film left me awestruck and my jaw was on the floor throughout my entire screening. The film is a staggering 2 hours and 46 minutes long, but it never feels that way. From the beginning of the film the action starts and it turns into one huge final battle for the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although, that’s not what makes it so special. Beyond the masterful special effects, set pieces and story, the thing that makes the movie special like any other Marvel film is the characters.

The characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are so very special. They have been in our lives for a decade and it feels like they’re growing as you grow. This movie shows where that growth has lead them. Whether it’s Iron Man struggling with visions of Thanos murdering his team due to the aftermath of the Battle of New York or the Mad Titan going around the universe causing mass genocide all to gain the Infinity Stones. This film truly understands who these characters are.

In Infinity War, I believe all of the characters are utilized to heir fullest extent, but for me Thor became the most valuable player in the film. Every time he was on screen it was electrifying (no pun intended). Its as if Ragnarok turned him into this totally new character and Marvel utilizes this in Infinity War. Without spoiling the film, Thor has some of the best action sequences and dialogue throughout. Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark returns since last being seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Downey Jr. can never do any wrong as Iron Man and his smart ass personality remains intact even after his team disbanded in Civil War. His scenes with Spider-Man are always good because it’s great to see Tony as a mentor and you can tell he really cares about Peter. Tom Holland is fresh-faced and ready to help in Infinity War and his arc thoroughly shows us where he will be in he next Spider-Man solo film.

Captain America Black Widow Avengers Infinity War

As for the rest of the cast, Chris Evan comes back as Captain America, but he isn’t really the same guy and I guess being a fugitive will do that to you. All he has is the team you see in the trailer and they all look a little worse for wear. Scarlet Johansson brings Black Widow to new levels of badass-ery and her scenes with Black Panther’s Okoye were stunt perfection. Bruce Banner is back on Earth and I can’t say why or how he got there, but his character is very prominent throughout the movie and his meeting with Thanos does indeed have lasting ramifications.

The rest of this giant cast all had thir parts to play. The return to Wakanda for refuge is a huge part of the film’s third act and it has to be the perfect place for them the go. Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther hasn’t missed a step since his battle with the notorious Killmonger and neither have the characters in Wakanda, but now he and his kingdom of warriors have to join the Avengers in taking down the threat of the Mad Titan, Thanos. The Guardians all have different missions as Rocket and Groot split up with Thor, leading to comedic gold. Bradley Cooper and Vin Disel bring some levity with their voice portrayals and they fit into the larger universe perfectly. The rest of the team have a very different mission that ultimately leads them to Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

Avengers Infinity War Thanos

Thanos is the biggest bad the Avengers have ever faced and he isn’t alone. The Mad Titan has a ruthless team of henchmen called the Black Order and they’re as formidable to the Avengers as he is. The fights with the Black Order members in the film are so put together and well done that you forget that they’re CGI villains. So, when Thanos arrives you know they’re gonna go to the limit with his fighting ability and they do. Thanos is arguably the most relentless and ruthless villain I have ever seen in a superhero movie. He’ll destroy you in battle. His motives are sound. His intentions are clear and all he wants to do is commit genocide for a much greater cause. His motivations are much different than the ones in the comics but that makes for a greater villain and story. He’s so deadly that you really believe that the heroes don’t have a chance against him.

Overall Thoughts: Avengers: Infinity War is the Marvel film you’ve been waiting for ten years now. Everything that has proceeded it brings you to this very climactic event. I have never been this awestruck by a film in my entire life. Thanos is a force of nature and the deadliest Marvel Studios villain to ever exist. He easily takes the crown from Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger. The highlight of the film has to be Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. I believe this film will go down in history as one half of the greatest superhero movie of all time.

Score: 9.5/10

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  • Maxi Iroh

    I like the MCU movies just fine, but i doubt any of them deserve something close to a 9.5/10.

    • Axxell

      Infinity War may arguably not be the candidate I’d put forward either, but I think Ironman and Winter Soldier can certainly deserve that score. Infinity War is right behind them, but honestly, along the first Avengers movie, they’re all close.

      • Maxi Iroh

        I really like Iron Man, but Winter Soldier is the only one movie that from the MCU that i would say is closer to this score.

        1- Winter Soldier 8.5/10
        Iron Man 7.5/10

        Just so you know, Iron Man is in my top 6 MCU.

        I don’t remember exactly the order right now, but Guardians 1, Avengers, Spiderman and Civil War are all around that score, 7.5 to 8, then i have Strange, Ragnarok and Panther all with 6.5 to 7.

        PS: Still haven’t seen IW, btw, from what i’ve heard i’ll probably like it.

  • Axxell

    This movie is amazing. I rarely lay down the cash for 2 tickets of the same movie, even for MCU films which I love, but there’s so much to unpack here, I may try to go a 3rd time. The pacing is a bit fast (honestly with the stakes as high as they were, this moviea should’ve been 3 hours), but I think the Russos did an excellent job, despite the gargantuan expectations and scale of this film.