RUMOR: Barbara Gordon May Not Suit Up As Batgirl In ‘Birds Of Prey’

Since the team’s debut in 1996, Barbara Gordon has been associated with the all-female superhero team, the Birds Of Prey, both as the wheelchair-bound hacker Oracle, and as her most iconic identity of Batgirl. So naturally, having her in a Birds Of Prey film is a good idea. But with the recent news that the film will be R-Rated, some are most likely wondering why she’s in Birds of Prey? Simple: because may not suiting up as Batgirl in the film.

After reported on this development after Flickering Myth broke the news regarding the R-rating, a conversation between and Heroic Hollywood founder Umberto Gonzalez revealed the following about Barbara Gordon.

Alledgedly, Variety hasn’t confirmed this, but it was decided to not have Barbara Gordon be her masked alter ego for the film, possibly due to Batgirl being seen as one of the less dark characters in the Batman mythos. But does this mean Barbara will be featured as Oracle in the film? And how will this affect the upcoming Batgirl film, if it even still happens? Whatever the outcome is, at least Barbara will finally get a proper big screen adaptation in the future.

Source: Twitter