5 Batgirl Stories That Should Shape Joss Whedon’s Film

5. The Cat and the Bat

The Cat and the Bat Batgirl

This is a story that works if Batgirl is already established within the DC Universe, and I’m not too sure if this is going to be an origin movie or drop us in the middle of her career. Well, if Whedon does decide to focus on a time period where Barbara has already been Batgirl for a little bit, The Cat and the Bat is a great story to take ideas from.

Catwoman is in possession of a notebook that belongs to Lt. Jim Gordon. It’s not just any notebook though, it holds all of his and the department’s deepest secrets, so Catwoman knows it is worth a pretty penny to the right buyer. Well, it falls to Batgirl to stop the cat and retrieve the notebook as the two characters clash for the first time. It’s won’t be easy though, as a secret villain lurks in the background, watching the two of them and waiting for their own opportunity to take the notebook and reap the reward.

I’m not saying Batgirl should only fight female villains, but it’d be nice to see another female be the core antagonist of the movie. I want to see badass women fight it out on the big-screen, and focusing on Batgirl and Catwoman, two characters with extremely different personalities, will add some natural humor to the scene anytime the two of them are together.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • David Japhet-Mathias

    “Batman just fights, we don’t see him doubt himself and dig deep.”
    Not even close to being true.

  • JF Sebastian

    Is this really a done deal? I’ve been seeing a ton of stories posted, but aside from Patty Jenkins giving her opinion, I’ve seen no real official confirmation that Whedon is signed on.

  • Matias Gagliardone

    I was trying to take you seriously until I read number one, Batgirl of Burnside is one of the worst things that ever happened to the character.
    PS: You really think Barbara is not a genius?

    • W.A. Sparks

      I have to agree. They went with THAT for number one over something from Gail Simone’s Batgirl?

  • Matias Gagliardone

    Please no Batgirl of Burnside

  • 39steps

    Here’s a scoop for everyone. There isn’t going to be any Whedon Batgirl movie. It was just a studio ploy to get him in the door so he could “put finishing touches on Justice League” when in actuality he’s full on remaking Justice League. So no need to worry about what Batgirl story Joss Whedon is using.

  • Darthmanwe

    Here is my idea:


    As in, with even main JL and Flashpoint and the like seemingly not gonna happen at all, is this logical at all to speculate on a movie that will almost certainly will not happen in the next decade?

    WB has bigger problems than what story to use for a 3rd tier character’s movie. Such as financing.

    • SJ1986

      Yeah, they only hit a measly $5billion box office in 2017. Financing will be tough…

      • Darthmanwe

        2.3 billion, number one. %60 of it all tied in forward payments. Deals with Ratpac ending and not being renewed due to known reasons. loss of %50 of existing financing. Shareholder earnings call for Time Warner showing a net loss for film division of WB.

        But maybe most of all, the real problem is the war CNN is having with Trump/ Due to the imminent merger deals, WB has already been cleaning house to make books match for the 18 month merger process to go smoothly. Thats normal corporate behaviour. Things went haywire when Trump went… well, Trump, and using government power to suppress media (a very Erdogan-esque move, by the way) and using his agencies to block even the merger process to start.

        As it is, WB financing is mostly up in the air, stuck in limbo.

        I know all this seems like a lot of “high brow bullshit” to most people, but real life economics do not operate on what you think or feel. Economics is brutally honest like that, it topples governments when wars cannot.

        P.S.: Financing =/= Earning Money… They are two vastly different things.

  • Teto85

    Can you get Lexi Belle? She was great in the Batman parody.

  • Angela Shortt

    Please let Nightwing be in the movie; please let Nightwing be in the movie; please let Nightwing be in the movie, please let Nightwing be in the movie…!