‘Batman: The Animated Series’ Creatives Discuss Impact After 25 Years

Batman The Animated Series LogoBatman: The Animated Series turns 25 this year, and with that historic milestone, it was the perfect time to get the team behind the show together and reminisce about the beloved series.

CBR had the chance to sit down with creatives involved with Batman: The Animated Series at New York Comic Con and discuss the impact the groundbreaking show has had over the past 25 years.

Producer Alan Burnett was first, and he talked about how he never thought the show would be as beloved and downright iconic as it became:

“I’m a fan, and I just knew there was a need for a superhero show that was serious. When I saw Bruce Timm’s trailer for what they were going to do, I thought, ‘This is going to be amazing.’”

As all shows do, Batman: The Animated Series evolved into a newer form, The New Batman Adventures. In addition to other changes, this incarnation completely redesigned the characters and art style. Burnett recalls:

“Bruce wanted to redesign the characters into slimmer characters, for whatever reason. It started to become less dark deco and more modern. That was a conscious effort on Bruce’s part to change the characters, so we went with that.”

Burnett is talking about Bruce Timm, who spoke about how, while he knew the original show would be a hit, it shocked him at the impact it continues to have to this day:

“The minute we started getting the episodes back in from overseas, animated and put all together, I said, ‘This is a really quality product.’ Back then, it was a mega hit. Did I expect it’d be a show we’d be talking about 25 years later? Even that’s something I didn’t expect.”

One of the most iconic things about Batman that Batman: The Animated Series spawned was the character of Harley Quinn. Quinn has become a huge character in her own right, but originally she was not supposed to be more than a one-off appearance. Timm recalls:

“She was originally intended to be a one-episode, one-and-done character…When we got that first episode back from overseas everyone said, ‘Wow, this is something.’ I was kind of reluctant to keep bringing her back.”

Batman: The Animated Series will be released on Blu-ray in 2018. Be sure to stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for more information as we learn it.

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