Catwoman’s Answer To Batman’s Marriage Proposal Revealed

batman catwoman tom king Mikel Janin dc comicsThroughout their collective history in comic books, there is no denying that Batman and Catwoman have had a complicated relationship. Batman writer Tom King looked to shake Batman’s status quo in comics as the Dark Knight popped the big question to his on-again, off-again adversary back in Batman #24, leaving fans since then wondering what the feline antiheroine’s answer would be.

Earlier today USA Today revealed that in Batman #32, which goes on sale this Wednesday will see Selina Kyle’s saying “yes” to Bruce Wayne’s marriage proposal. The issue will also serve as the finale to King’s ongoing “War of Jokes and Riddles” storyline which will see Bruce revealing to Selina of how he nearly broke his cardinal rule early on in his crimefighting career by nearly killing the Riddler.

Batman Catwoman Marriage Tom King Mikel Janin

King revealed why he decided to have the two finally tie the knot as he likened Bruce retelling the time he nearly broke his one rule to Selina’s sins as “earned tragedies”:

“That to me is what true love is. It’s showing who you truly are to someone. It’s letting someone know deep down who you are and that’s horribly frightening and it scares Batman as much as anything ever has.”

King also noted that the engagement between Batman and Catwoman will be felt outside of Batman comics as other characters will chime in on Bruce’s decision from the Justice League to even his faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworth:

“Some people are going to think, ‘Oh, my gosh, he’s gone insane, we need to fix him.’ And others will go, ‘He’s gone sane. We finally have a Batman we’ve been looking for,’

Batman #32 goes on sale this Wednesday.

Source: USA Today

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