‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves To Produce ‘Life Sentence’ For Netflix

Matt Reeves The Batman Life Sentence NetflixThe Batman director Matt Reeves and Netflix are teaming up to adapt Life Sentence, a short story from Matthew Baker.

According to Deadline, Netflix beat out eight other bidders for the rights, including Apple and Gaumont, who were planning to adapt the story as a television series, with Michael De Luca and Christopher McQuarrie serving as producers. However, Baker wanted to see a movie adaptation, so he went with Netflix.

Life Sentence is set in a world where criminals have their memories wiped instead of going to prison. The story revolves around one such criminal, who’s “trying to reconcile his past actions and relationships.”

Last month, Reeves moved his first look deal from 20th Century Fox to Netflix, giving the streaming giant the first pass at any features the filmmaker wants to produce through his 6th & Idaho production company. Life Sentence is the first project Reeves is producing for Netflix.

Reeves recently completed the final chapter of the rebooted Planet of the Apes trilogy and is set to direct the first standalone Batman film in the DC Extended Universe for Warner Brothers.

Source: Deadline

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