Batman’s Top 5 Gadgets In Film & Television

5. The Cape

Batman Begins Christian Bale Cape

When Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins arrived in theaters it changed the audiences’ image of the Dark Knight. In the film, Batman’s cape is used as a part of his suit, which interacts with him via electrostatics. With his cape, he can glide over buildings and stay in mid-air for moments at a time trying to get to his destination.

Batman Returns showed a mechanism which pushed out the “wings.” It allowed him to glide slowly while declining in altitude. The Nolan-verse Batman trilogy showed a lot of different gadgets that were more evolved. The trilogy improved on the gadgets to make them fit in the dark and gritty world that Nolan created for his Batman. Adding a more realistic feeling to his trilogy, Nolan decided to give the cape a militaristic background to explain why the material functioned the way it did. Prior incarnations never explained how exactly the cape worked and therefore just made it appear as simple fabric.

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