RUMOR: ‘The Batman’ To Begin Production In Spring 2019

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There’s a lot of hoopla out there on sites in regards to the state and storyline of The Batman film from Matt Reeves, which Reeves himself offered some clarification and updates on recently. Now there are details arising about when production on that DC project could begin. If you recall, it was recently reported that Matt Reeves hoped to begin production on The Batman in spring of next year. And a more recent report has shed some light on what could be a starting time.

On Production Weekly, the site lists two noteworthy things: that production will indeed begin in spring of 2019, but also lists Ben Affleck as a producer. While Affleck did step down from the directing chair of The Batman last year, he still donned the cowl and cape in Justice League. Whether that happens again remains to be seen, as Affleck had once expressed his desire to move on, but also did state at Comic-Con last year that he’d be an ape for Matt Reeves. Don’t take that as an expression of him auditioning for the role of Gorilla Grodd in a Flash film, though.

So take this cautiously for the moment. Again, Affleck may have stepped down from directing, but that doesn’t rule him out from being a producer on The Batman. At the very least, we do know that Matt Reeves is both directing and writing the Batman solo film. Between this news and Reeves revealing that he still speaks with Ben Affleck, it’s entirely possible that Affleck will indeed remain involved in some capacity, but time will tell.

Again, be cautious, because as we all know, it’s easy to get caught up in rumor territory with The Batman, if Matt Reeves debunking rumors that many outlets reported that the film would be based on Year One is any indication. Stay tuned for more developments of The Batman.

What role, from a production standpoint, would you want to see Ben Affleck play with The Batman? And what sort of news do you hope Matt Reeves reveals in the months to come? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Pursue News (via Production Weekly)

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At the moment, nothing is known about the film’s plot or who will appear, but with Batman in the title role odds are other key DC characters will appear. So far, Batman’s corner of the DC Universe hasn’t been explored too much, so there are still a lot of characters who can be introduced on the big screen. Batman’s gonna need some villains to fight, and allies to fight beside, so Matt Reeves needs to search through the back-issues and figure out who he wants to include.

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