Every Big Screen Batman Villain Ranked From Worst To Best

Page 1 - We're ranking every big screen Batman villain from worst to best, with villains from every theatrically released film.

30. Bane – Batman & Robin

Don’t think we’re going to get any arguments here.

Throwing Bane into this movie, which is already bad enough as it is, was just such a disservice to a character that had such a huge impact when he was first introduced just four year prior in the page of DC Comics. There, Bane’s intellect was actually a match for Batman. He did what few villains at the time had done, deducing Bruce Wayne’s secret identity and hitting him where he lived, putting the Bat out of commission for an entire year. But this was not Knightfall. Instead, we got a worthless green, all muscle, no brains goon with the vocabulary of a Pokémon. The movie version was so off the mark it’s not even funny, which is a bummer, because some of the other villains in these movies were at least laughably bad. This one was just rage-inducing. Even seeing this film as a child I knew we deserved better than this.

Thankfully, we got a much better version of the character a decade-and-a-half later that actually incorporated some of his most iconic moments. The only thing this version has on Tom Hardy’s is the comic-accurate usage of the Venom serum, for all the good that did this movie.

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