‘Batman’ Producer Benjamin Melniker Passes Away At 104

BatmanBenjamin Melniker, producer of numerous Batman projects since Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989 has died. He was 104.

Melniker died in Roslyn Harbor, New York yesterday. His death was revealed today in a heartfelt post on Facebook by his producing partner Michael Uslan. Uslan wrote:

“Legendary” is the only word capable of describing the man who started work at MGM in late 1939 and came to be known as “The MGM Lion” for his forcefulness in negotiating the deals for the studio while building his reputation for integrity at the same time. It was Ben who taught me, “The only thing you get to take with you when you die AND leave behind is your good name.”

Born May 25, 1913, Melniker began his career in 1939 at MGM. The producer climbed the latter to executive vice president and chairman of the studio’s film Selection committee before his exit. In 1979, he and Uslan bought the movie rights to DC Comics’ most popular character. He has since been credited as an executive producer on every Batman film, as well as many Batman-related projects ranging from Burton’s Batman all the way up to 2018’s Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and the upcoming Batman Ninja.

Melniker is survived by his son, Harvey, and daughters-in-law Heather Melniker and Deanie Melniker, in addition to his five grandchildren Douglas, Carly, Avital, Sophie, and Lara, as well as his great-grandchildren.

You can read Uslan’s full Facebook post below.

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