All Of Batman’s Sidekicks, Ranked From Worst To Best

10. Jason Todd

Jason Todd Robin DC Comics

The second Robin, Jason Todd got his start by stealing a tire from the Bat-Mobile. He’s a knowledgeable fighter, but he’s an incredibly cocky individual who thinks he is above others. While the other Robins all earned spots on the Teen Titans, Jason never became a leader on the team or a beloved part of the superhero community. He was too sure of himself and unwilling to listen to Batman, leading to him getting beaten to death by the Joker. He was later brought back to life and re-introduced as the Red Hood, a murdering vigilante who wanted to take out the drug lords and control Gotham City.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • TJ Hampton

    I’m so happy someone gave Tim the credit he deserves!

  • Paul Peewee

    My favorites are Cass and jason….but not as sidekicks…tim is the best sidekick, I always wanted him to be red hood’s sidekick as red robin or join outlaws

  • Kattz

    Wow I was expecting more animosity in the comments. I don’t agree with your ordering, especially with Carrie above Jason Harper, and Steph, but to each their own.

  • Daves Xena Fever

    Barbara Gordon as Batgirl should be closer to number 1. Also why is Batwoman missing? She is a very powerful part of Batmans team in Detective comics recently.

    • ieyke

      She’s not a sidekick?

  • MrValderviche

    Harper above Jason? That’s ridiculous.

    • Rahsaan Woods

      Yeah I was like WTF she was so popular that she is no longer a side kick she a normal civilian

  • Gil Rivera

    Tim Drake is so much better than the Red Robin persona. He needs a new original persona & book.

  • Cassandra

    Your description of Jason Todd is so off the mark it actually pisses me off. Jason was a good Robin, though a little more violent, but he came from crime alley and an abusive childhood, so it’s understandable. And the only thing that led Jason to death by crowbar was his birth mother taking advantage and betraying his trust…

    • Rahsaan Woods

      And a bunch of fans voting for his death

  • ndixit

    Your remarks about Stephanie Brown are way off. You say that after she was killed off in the gang wars she didn’t appear till new 52. Apparently you missed her return and the fact she was Batgirl for a while until new 52 happened.

    • Rahsaan Woods

      They mention her as batgirl

      • ndixit

        Yeah, I missed that. But their article is still wrong because it says that after the gang war she started, she wasn’t seen till new 52 which is wrong obviously since she was Batgirl for a while before new 52 happened.

  • Volux

    Alfred…nuff said.

    • Arno

      Lmao. Can’t agree more

  • Matthew Swenson

    Damian Wayne ranked that high is crazy. May be the worst Robin ever.

  • tifa hinata

    Unpopular decision? Nope, I agree Tim is the best Batman’s sidekick 100000%!!

  • bridgeotto

    Tim IS the best. Totally agree.

  • Charles Huggins

    Yall forgot the homie Batwing!

  • Rahsaan Woods

    How the hel is carrie kelly number 7 over Jason Todd and Stephanie brown

    • Ricky

      I’m wondering that, too

  • what the heck jason is the last one?? just because he has the balls to kill murderes??

  • Stephanie Brown

    guys I’m very hurt you ranked me so low. it stings even more my ex is so high

  • Richard Griffiths

    lol jason todd the worst rightho

  • UniQue

    Jason as nr 10 makes no sense.

    Also Damian that high makes no sense either.