‘Batman v Superman’ Behind-The-Scenes Images Show Off Batmobile

More behind-the-scenes photos from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice have surfaced online and give fans a better look at the combat fitted Batmobile. Patrick Tatopoulos production designer for Batman v Superman posted several images from the set on his Instagram Account.

The images show Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne/Batman) next to the Batmobile and Tatopoulos with the infamous car.

Other images have been released from the set including a look at production during the fight sequence that took place between Batman and Superman.

Set photographer Clay Enos, spoke with Playboy about what it was like working with Zack Snyder on set, how he worked with green screens and which character was his favorite to shoot.

The role of being a set photographer has changed over the years in cinema, Enos explained that while this provides new challenges, the importance is staying focus.

“I think the main concern is always, What is the moment being portrayed? And not getting too distracted by the fact that there’s a green hue on [the actors] or there’s nothing behind them. Then you sort of pick and choose. If it’s just some chitchat on another planet, you might just let it go. Or if it is something dramatic like a fight between Batman and Superman, then you shoot everything regardless. The next step you would do is try to put some set piece behind them so when they do in fact go to build the finished product you’ve kind of given them a chance. For sure I did that on 300: Rise Of An Empire. That whole movie was done in stages. There are lots of sea battles. So you just look for good set pieces to put behind them by finding the right angle and then carrying on.”

The new behind-the-scene images are below:


12976753_10154132921902427_5487121545254165420_o (1)



Source: Ptatopoulos Instagram 


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