‘Batman v Superman’ Breaking Down The Box Office Tracking

box office tracking-

We are finally three weeks away from Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice hitting theaters which means we have official box office tracking numbers. I went on Periscope earlier today to break down the tracking plus first choice numbers and now you can see it below for yourself.

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez

Umberto Gonzalez has been covering the fanboy beat & breaking scoops for 14 years with numerous Hollywood trade, newspaper, & magazine mentions to his credit.

  • Jose Striedinger

    From what page does that info comes from? I’m curious.

  • Carl

    1st choice of what, movie to see in March? Of course it would be high there. You can’t compare it to summer movies either.

  • w0undedmagic

    Faraci is NOT being objective. That is an absolute lie. He is a smug, contrarian D-bag that has been hating on BvS since the TITLE of the film was announced. See: EVERY BvS related article on BMD-there is an asterisk at the bottom of every article that mocks the TITLE of the film. I don’t care if anyone agrees with him, just don’t tell me he is being OBJECTIVE. That’s bullshht.

    For the record, I like Marvel and DC AND movies in general. This isn’t a fanboy thing, it’s about certain blogging ego-maniacs being confused as journalists with integrity.

    • BEARisonFord

      Have a sense of humour, cos that title is hilarious.

      • w0undedmagic

        Yea, not a great title-that’s not the point I was making though.

        • BEARisonFord

          Faraci is a very intelligent writer who has exhaustive knowledge about film, comics, the industry and culture as a whole. I often do not agree with his opinions, but I have a lot of respect for his writing and what he’s achieved with BMD. I find that some of the best writing can make you thoughtfully consider new ideas, even if you don’t agree with them at the end of the day.

          • EDIT: posted reply to wrong comment

          • w0undedmagic

            From my previous comment, and referring specifically to Faraci on covering BvS:

            “I don’t care if anyone agrees with him, just don’t tell me he is being OBJECTIVE.”

          • BEARisonFord

            I’m replying to the part where you called him a smug, contrarian, D-bag. One doesn’t have to be objective to be a good critic or writer. Subjectiveness is what births editorial. It’s ok to disagree with someone and still respect what they do, to each their own though.

          • w0undedmagic

            One must ABSOLUTELY be objective to be a good critic. Are you serious? I’m also talking about the growing blurred line between reporting the news and giving one’s opinion. I enjoy reading others opinions and editorials-but I don’t need some snarky jab mixed in with the NEWS on a film I’m obviously interested in enough to be reading about in the first place.

          • BEARisonFord

            Agree to disagree, but I think my chief point is, there’s no reason to call someone a smug d-bag simply because you disagree with them. That simply leads to really toxic behavior.

          • w0undedmagic

            Your chief point, like your previous comments are irrelevant to the points I’ve made. Had you demonstrated simple reading comprehension skills-you would realize that nothing I said has to do with me “name-calling because I disagree with his opinions.” If you would like examples of Faraci being a smug D-bag, simply read his bio blurb where he refers to himself as “the greatest critical mind of our time” oh-so tongue in cheek. If you need an example of his contrarian behavior-read his Fant4stic review.

          • BEARisonFord
    • I have to agree with w0undedmagic. Devin Faraci is far from objective when it comes to BvS. Am I a hater for saying that? I’ve followed Devin from the time he used to write for CHUD (still a great site FYI).

      His constant mockery of the title never bothered me. There’s fun to be had with a cheesy title. He’s never come out and positively supported ANYTHING about this movie. That’s not objective, that’s plainly biased. For instance when the second trailer came out majority of us disliked it and I agreed with Devin. However, when the recent so-called FINAL trailer came out, which IMO was brilliantly cut, Devin had to make it about WB being unsure about the movie and selling it as a Batman centric flick. For heavens sake it’s called Batman v Superman. How is that Batman centric? The marketing has already largely focused on Superman’s arch so why not shine some light on Batman so close to the finish line?

      What really disappointed me is him blocking me on Twitter simply for asking “why he continuously hates on the flick”. Which brings me to what I’d really like to talk about – Are bloggers so defensive and egotistical that they can’t bear to be challenged by any negativity for their work?

      If you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen, or so the saying goes. Similarly, if your job consists of sitting behind a computer screen and punching your opinion on the works of others please be brave enough to take similar criticism from others.

      SIDE NOTE: Another site I visit regularly is Slashfilm or /Film as some might know it. Again another site with great content and some good writers (Peter Sciretta and Angie Han namely) but who are way too sensitive. One negative word and they’ll block/ban you from their site. Not even crass or inflammatory words too. Just anything negative. Wish these blog sites grew some cajones.

      Sorry if this comes off as angsty, it’s not meant to be. I love these sites/writers but they need to earn our respect, not demand it.


      • w0undedmagic

        “Are bloggers so defensive and egotistical that they can’t bare to be challenged by any negativity for their work?”

        Matt Goldberg of Collider, Faraci at BADASS DIGEST, Mcweeny- these guys all write with an elitist chip on their shoulder. It’s a shame, because I used to enjoy the nerdy enthusiasm from their respective sites-but it has now shifted to click-bait gender-race politics, tabloid-level nasty jabs at filmmakers (see Chris Cabin on Collider), and SJW counter-progressive tangents. These guys start a flame war with their “editorials”, and delete/ban alot of those who disagree. Rinse, repeat. And so it appears their perspective is the majority, as the opposing voices have been silenced.
        Which is why I like Heroic Hollywood because they (mostly) don’t write with contempt for the things they love.

  • Jesse

    I know Faraci is a good writer and has done some amazing things in the industry, but half the time I can’t tell if he’s legitimately hating the movie, or just trolling and trying to drive people on Twitter.