‘Batman V Superman’ Budget Ballooning Past Upcoming ‘Justice League’ Films?

It’s obvious to every movie fan that Warner Bros. and DC have a lot of catching up to do in the shared cinematic universe game. Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been going strong since 2008 and the studio is reportedly planning to invest $1 billion (!) into the two-part Avengers: Infinity War series coming later this decade. That’s an incredibly difficult standard to compete with.

However, Warner Bros. is giving it the good old fashioned college try. Latino Review is reporting that the budget for Zack Snyder’s upcoming film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has exploded to $410 million, making it one of the most expensive productions in movie history.

From the outside looking in, that is an astronomical amount of money for a single film. But if you’ll remember,  Man of Steel was expected by some to take in $1 billion at the global box office yet the film ended its run with $668 million worldwide. Perhaps WB isn’t taking any chances with one of the biggest superhero team-ups of all-time. They might be expecting a considerable return on their investment regardless of the price tag.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Snyder will get carte blanche for all of his future DC-based films. Latino Review also claims that the two-part Justice League series will be capped at a $500 million production budget for both films. That’s a significantly more reasonable number than Dawn‘s $410 million or Infinity War’s $1 billion.

It’s clear that Warner Bros. is putting all of their comic book movie eggs into the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice basket. Given the somewhat mixed response to Man of Steel, that approach does make some sense. The studio just better hope the fans come running so they can actually turn a profit and start holding their own against the MCU.

Source: Latino Review

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