‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’: The Ultimate Edition Review

The Africa Scene Makes Much More Sense.


One issue with the beginning of the film in the Africa sequence. Not only do they kill fan favorite Jimmy Olson, but this sequence pretty much sets up the rest of the movie planting the seeds of “Is Superman good?” With Lois Lane is dangerous territory to interview a terrorist, Superman comes in to save her and is ultimately blamed for all the deaths that occur from Lex Luthor’s private security contractors. There is an arc throughout the theatrical film of Lois investigating the bullet, which happened to have been made my Lexcorp. I remember discussions with fellow geeks along the lines of “Why would Superman shoot anyone?” Superman was literally blamed for the death of all the people at the camp, but they were shot, so it didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

In the Ultimate Cut, this scene is further fleshed out and a few important things are put back into the film. Of course the security contractors shot everyone, but afterward staged their bodies and burned them so it would appear as though they were the victims of a Superman attack. Public perception wise, this would be a scenario more believable. Superman doesn’t use guns, but he sure could burn people with his heat rays.

The War on Terror also exists in this world. Turns out Jimmy Olson was not the only CIA agent on the ground. He simply was the point man for an entire battalion of a Seal Team Six group of soldiers. With Olson down, the CIA had to go to plan B: initiating a drone strike. However, the Seals on the ground know that Lois Lane is toast if the drone launches the missile. So they try to race against a drone (on horseback) to reach Lois. Of course, Lois has a ringer: Superman takes out the drone last minute which further shows the lengths that he will go to protect his beloved.

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