‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’: The Ultimate Edition Review

Lois and Clark Are Actual Reporters

Clark Kent

One of the biggest drawbacks from the theatrical cut of the film was how little Henry Cavil had to work with in the film. However in the Ultimate Edition, not only do you see him do more things as Superman, but you get to see Clark Kent work as an actual reporter. He has a problem with Batman’s vigilantism and how brutal he is. But instead of just going out and bashing his head in, he slips into his alter ego, Clark Kent, and walks the beat in Gotham City to learn more about exactly who Batman is.

Gotham Guy

He interviews local people in Gotham City to find out exactly Batman is and if he’s a good guy or not. Because he’s on the ground in poor neighborhoods, their impression of him isn’t the best because of how ruthless he is with criminals. There is a particularly great arc where Clark Kent learns about the significance of the Batman brand and what it means for happens to bad guys in jail after they have been branded. Lark interviews the girlfriend of one criminal, who knows her boyfriend is doomed once he gets to jail. This serves as the primary motivation for Clark to want to do something about this Batman problem.

Just a Clark does some actual reporting, Lois Lane’s investigation of the bullets is much more fleshed out. There are two scenes where we finally get to see Jena Malone in the film serving as a lab person trying to determine the origins of the metal used in the shootings in Africa. They still don’t say who she is exactly, but there have been some rumors circulating that she was Jenet Klyburn, who in the comics was a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs, furthering the connection with both Cyborg and The Flash. Other small scenes show Lois investigating the aftermath of the bomb at the US Capital where she uncovers that Wallace Keefe had bought a fridge full of groceries, and had no plans of detonating himself. This and a few other scenes gives Amy Adams more to do at Lois Lane other than continue to be the damsel in distress.

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