‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’: The Ultimate Edition Review

The R Rating Makes the Brutality Better

While there are some who did not like a world where Batman kills criminals, you gotta admit, this cut upped the ante. The batmobile car chase scene was much more brutal showing Batman dispatching cars left and right. In this cut you see the bullets shred straight through his enemies. The fight scene to get Martha between Batman and Luthor’s goons is even more awesome. That scene in the theatrical cut was well done, upping the ante in this version makes it even better.

Lois and Clark

An R Rating also means they can be riskier with what they show and what we hear as well. The bathtub scene with Lois and Clark went on longer showing a little bit of their sexuality. While they do not show and real nudity, we do see more of Amy Adams that we saw in the theatrical cut. In addition, we are also treated to a bareback Ben Affleck for a scene as he is standing in the shower pondering his next move. We are also treated to an F-bomb by wheelchair bound Wallace Keef as he meets Lex Luthor for the first time saying “what the f*** do you want?”


The entire scene surrounding the criminal with the bat brand once he makes it to prison was particularly jarring. Not only does this display the genius of Lex Luthor (more on that later), but when the criminal is dispatched, he is done in the most brutal fashion. If anyone has ever seen Oz, then you have an idea how “stabby” prison can be.

Khalil Johnson

Khalil Johnson

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