‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray Is Rated R


Tell me, do you bleed? You will… A lot.

Remember the awesome directors cut of Watchmen? Well it looks like Batman v  Superman is getting that same treatment. According to Stich Kingdom, Batman v Superman is getting a Rated R Ultimate Edition Blu-Ray due to sequences of violence.

The fact that this is getting a Rated R release makes me even more excited for the future of DC Films. This could also mean a Rated R Suicide Squad Blu-Ray. What do you guys think? Is your mind blown that we’re getting a Rated R Batman and Superman fight? Sound off in the comments section!

“Fearing the actions of a god-like super hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ever known before.”

Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice hits theaters March 25th, 2016!

Nathaniel Brail

Nathaniel Brail

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  • I’m excited for the movie, sincerely so, but at the same time this is the worst possible time to announce such a thing with DC/WB trying to distance themselves from the “dour, grim, dark, humorless, ‘edgelord'” image that’s been actively repelling potential audiences. They need this movie to be a 4-quad mega blockbuster hit. Not a cult fave.

    • Maximillian Pegasus

      Deadpool isn’t 4 quadrant film, but it could possibly make$1bi

      • Deadpool isn’t on boxes of cereal or Lego sets. They are marketing this movie to kids and families, why did anyone think an R-Rated home release would be a good idea let alone letting that plan go to the public a month before your movie comes out?

  • Archfiend_Baramos

    More like it cuts back in ten minutes of footage, one minute of which had some gore that put it slightly over the top. Seems par for the course with these “unrated” editions.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…uh…you can’t get fooled again!

  • Vegas82

    Since when do they rate director’s cuts of films? This sounds more like BS than anything.

    • Alvamnunn2

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    • Phil

      Why wouldn’t they rate the directors cut still the same movie just with specific scenes taking out to make sure it’s a pg-13 movie

  • Further proof that Warner Bros/DC don’t care about kids… if true of course. No where should a kid be prevented form seeing Superman. Then again, since this is NOT Superman but a bad facsimile, maybe they don’t care. Deadpool NEEDED to be R-Rated… This does not. This is why Warner Bros./DC will never be as successful with their movie franchises as Marvel. Yes, they will make big money, but not Marvel money. Marvel caters to EVERYONE… DC says, we’ll just take the adults. Children constitute as many movie goers as adults and more, because parents have to take the children. So condemn Marvel all you want for being family friendly, from a business perspective, Marvel is smarter.

    • Phil

      Ha ha ha ha!

    • Bat Mane

      you know its just the ultimate edition right?

    • Caped Baldy

      Lol,did u even read the article??Haha

    • A Realist

      Hey stupid–Theatrical release is still PG-13. Learn how to read.

    • ScottyB608

      What a tool

    • Rayzor McBlade… can we all take a moment to acknowledge this horrible name for a few secpnds?
      Okay, that’s long enough, you Sir are about as bright as a dying flashlight. Take a few moments and re-read the article. Then take another few moments to process what it says. Too lazy? In that case, it says that there will be a second DVD that’s Rated R, aside from the typically PG-13 Theatrical DVD release. Meaning that, the movie in the theaters will in fact be PG-13, just like all Marvel’s movies.

      That all being said, I still think the Rate R DVD is a load of bull, but you need to read an article before you start bashing with your pro-Marvel/anti-DC rhetoric. Oh, and get a better name.

  • breakerbaker

    I didn’t see the director’s cut of Watchmen, but wasn’t the theatrical release rated R? I guess I’m just not sure what the appeal of the R rating is, especially in the context of this particular movie. I mean, I haven’t seen Deadpool (as the character has never really appealed to me), but I get why fans of that character would think an R rating was a good thing. Furthermore, I understand (though probably disagree) why people think Wolverine should be an R rated franchise. But this…? Even if you want to make the argument that Batman can be pushed into R rated territory if you allow him to be as brutal as he can be or bring in villains who can be as horrific as they can be, you can’t do that and market the movie to children. You fundamentally have to make a choice, and the idea that this movie that is being marketed to children (they’ve even begun to use children in their marketing) is an edit here and there away from an R rating, doesn’t feel like a selling point to me.

    ETA: What is Stitch Kingdom? The site itself does not scream “credible industry sources” to me. Are they known for getting reliable “scoops”?

    • Chris W

      Yes Watchmen theatrical was rated R.

  • Ok, so let’s use a little knowledge to debunk this rumor. First, Batman v Superman was finished shooting almost a year ago. That means that unless they [WB] could have seen the future and predicted that Deadpool’s R rating would have been a success in the long run, this is BS. Two, Deadpool wasn’t just rated R for violence and action/fighting scenes, it was rated R for the heavy use of nudity, drug references/usage, language (more than 1 F-word) and “intense” violence. Unless Zack Snyder intended to use decapitations, F-bombs and boobs in his movie, there are no scenes of fighting between Superman and Batman that could ever merit a hard R rating.

    This is nothing more than a Twitter user poaching interest off of Deadpool’s R rating and trying to create a buzz. Not to mention a “director’s” cut has never been rated on DVD, it’s usually always labeled as “unrated.” Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble hoping that we’d see an R rated Superman and Batman, but it’s just not realistic.

  • ScottyB608

    I wonder if it will feature both cuts. I would preorder this if it does.