‘Batman v Superman’ Early Ticket Sales Passing ‘Avengers’ & ‘Furious 7’

Batman v Superman

Deadpool may have broken several box office records already in 2016 but another upcoming comic book movie is ready to make some history of its own.

Advance ticket sales for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are currently out pacing previous pre-sale numbers with movies like Universal’s Furious 7, Deadpool and The Avengers. All three of those box office giants made over $100 million opening weekend. Analysts are indicating that Batman v Superman has already sold at least $20-25M in pre-sales.

For those keeping track of box office records, Batman v Superman would need to make over $152M during it’s opening three days to be the biggest pre-summer opening. Furious 7 currently holds that record.

What do you think Batman v Superman will make opening weekend? Add in your box office predictions below!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on March 25, 2016.


Source: Deadline 

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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  • jollybrah

    I have BvS going around $185-$190 million although I would love it to crack $200 million opening.

    • Ruben C Barron

      I think it’s possible. Only thing that might hurt it is the runtime resulting in fewer showings over the weekend. But in the long run it won’t mean anything.

      • SAMURAI36

        Has there been word that there will be fewer showings?

        • Whatsupdoc

          If the current BvS showings sell out, they will add show times and run it in on more screens. They do that with all movies. No matter their allegiance, the theaters are interested in one thing. Making money. I remember with The Avengers 10 out of the 12 screens in the complex I was in was showing it. :)

        • Ruben C Barron

          I only meant that there’s a limit to how many times a movie can be shown the longer it is. If a movie is 1.5 hours it can be shown more times per day, where a nearly 3 hour movie will have fewer showing simply due to being so long. I know they add showing on additional screens, but they’d do the same thing for the 1.5 hours movie if it’s popular.

          Sorry for the late reply, I barely checked this today. Lol

    • Drunk_Kent

      Plus add another $350 from worldwide and ur looking at £500-600mil in the first 3 days if its global release, i know asia’s hyped and i know South/centeral america’s hyped and i know europe and australia are hyped but there’s been negativity in the US which i’m thinking disney/fox/sony are behind to discredit the film so it doesn’t damage their income from the marvel brand.


    If BVS doesn’t break $200M, it’ll be just shy of it.

  • AMOLAD_79

    Great news!!!!

  • xxjinzaxx

    El Mayimbe was right about BO tracking. It’s addicting.

  • SonOfKrpton

    Where did all those Marvel fanboys go all of a sudden?

    • batghost

      We’re still watching the new Civil War trailer