Become Batman Or Superman In New Augmented Reality Experience


If you live in Dubai—or have the means to get there between January 8 and January 16—you can take part in a new Batman v Superman promotional event at VOX Cinemas. Located at the Mall of Emirates, the cinema is playing host to an augmented reality experience in which your face is transferred onto the bodies of motion capture versions of Batman and Superman. Based on the video below, it appears as if each experience lasts about a minute long, with a photo opportunity at the end.

The video doesn’t state whether or not there will be a means of purchasing these photographs after taking part in the experience. But as the man in the video shows us, it isn’t too hard to obtain a copy the old-fashioned way.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, at which point our own attempts at playing superhero are bound to look puny by comparison.

Source: Shooting Stars LLC

(Kieran Hair)

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