Becoming A Slot Machine Hero

Tony Stark Casino SlotOne area of casino gaming that has really taken off over the last few years is slot gaming. The newest slot games are complex and engaging, with hundreds of different ways of winning, along with free spins and bonus rounds that keep gameplay fast and furious. Online gaming companies are always looking at both retaining existing customers and enticing new players and one of the best ways of doing both is using well known, trusted brands to sell their product. Many slots websites have hundreds of themed options, a great example is 888casino who have found the perfect balance of well-known movie characters and musicians providing great options to play slots on their site with familiar themes covering games that will appeal to all ages and genders.

Superheroes are everywhere at the moment, with everyone from Aquaman to Arnim Zola featuring in Hollywood blockbusters. Online casinos have been quick to get in on the action and provide quality superhero themed slot games to fans across the world.

Although slot games may seem easy to master at first, they are actually quite complex and can soon leave you with empty pockets if you go in head first without a strategy. By following some simple rules inspired by our heroes, players can ensure that they get maximum enjoyment out of gaming and stand the best chance of making some money.

Hawkeye – Scout the game out with an eagle eye before playing

All online slot games will have an RTP (Return To Player) percentage that is displayed on the page. This percentage refers to the typical returns to the player over a period of time and will always be less than 100%. This means that you will end up losing in the long run, but knowing the likelihood of getting a decent return before running out of money is key. Never play anything less than 90% online and keep an eye out for machine with both high jackpots and high RTP percentages. The Avengers slot game offers a good RTP as well as the chance to play themed bonus rounds that unlock free spins.

Tony Stark – Manage your money

The billionaire philanthropist rakes in a fortune from Stark Enterprises but also protects the world whilst masquerading as Iron Man. Having a properly managed bankroll is key to winning at slot gaming. Set out an amount to begin with that you’re happy lose, so you aren’t too out of pocket if the worst case scenario happens. Resist the temptation to bet big to begin with and try gambling small amounts until you’ve built up a profit, then try going bigger with the money you’ve won. This will make your games last longer and ensure you don’t end up dipping into money that you possibly shouldn’t be gambling with.

Deadpool – Whatever you do, have fun

Wade Wilson can make light of any situation, so remember, slot machines are there to be enjoyed! They certainly aren’t something that should be seen as an opportunity to make money in the long run. If you end up down in the dumps when you lose a bet, maybe slot machines aren’t for you. If you can laugh at your losses and instead enjoy a fun, themed machine that features your favourite characters, then you’re more likely to feel like you’re getting something out of a machine, even if it isn’t a huge jackpot.

By following these rules and sticking to progressive jackpots, you’ll be on your way to superhero status as you empty the machines and save the world from evil genius casino bosses. Just remember not to turn green and smash the place up if you end up one wild away from a big win!

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