8 Reasons Ben Affleck Is The Best Live-Action Batman

Justice League Ben Affleck BatmanWhen it was first announced that Ben Affleck had been cast as Bruce Wayne / Batman in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, most fans were less-than-thrilled with the decision, with many pointing to the actor’s previous role in the critically lambasted Daredevil film as a prime example of why he was a terrible choice to don the cape and cowl. Once Batman v Superman was finally released in theaters, the divisive film had its fair share of supporters and detractors, though most of them could agree that there was at least one aspect of the film that worked: Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman.

While the debate over who is the best actor to portray Batman will undoubtedly continue as long they keep bringing to Caped Crusader to the big screen, here are 8 reasons why some consider Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight to be the greatest live-action depiction of the DC Comics hero to date. Click Next to get started!


Sebastian Peris

Sebastian Peris

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  • Stubborn Moo

    I agree! I think that Ben Affleck is really great as the Batman! :-)

    • Kate Zhane

      Seriously, how many of these sock puppet accounts are you going to create? This is number 7 for you. Don’t you find all of this just kinda pathetic?

  • V.A.N.

    Bale was better. Bale was more intimidating (Joker interrogation, throwing of the building, “Swear to meeee!:, and more.) Affleck’s Batman never had one scene like that. However, I did admire the stunt double who did the warehouse scene in BvS.

    • Clay Strohman

      Yeah you’re right, not a single interrogation/intimidating scene. Not the intro scene where he was torturing a guy upstairs while the slaves were terrified of him downstairs. And definitely not the one where he showed up ominously to brutally threaten Lex in jail. I just can’t believe they didn’t include even a single scene like the two I just mentioned. Oh and he wasn’t doing duck lips the entire movie so I just couldn’t take him seriously anyway

  • 39steps

    I’m not going to “click next to get started” and will just assume that it’s poorly written clickbait with a false premise.


    Also… he has more focus in the trauma stuff.