Ben Affleck & Zack Snyder Open Up About How ‘BvS’ Changed Batman


Justice League will be released in theaters on November 17, 2017 but this week has brought about loads of details about the upcoming superhero team-up. Including, Heroic Hollywood’s own Umberto Gonzalez, returning from a set visit in London.

Journalists that were invited to the set visit were able to speak with Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder, it was explained that the events of Batman v Superman have had a strong impact on the character of Batman and why this has changed his relationship with Superman (Henry Cavill).


“I talked to Ben about it— of like, how can we not be stuck with this single-note Batman for whatever, if it’s three movies, because he’s making his Batman movie, like what do we do? And we talked long and hard about like, ‘Okay, in Batman v Superman he’s here. He’s at the end of his career, and he’s down here, and he’s seen this thing that now he wonders what his relevance is, and maybe he can do this one thing.’ And then the example of Superman makes him go, ‘No, you know what? I’m not done. I’ve got more to do. I’ve got to persevere and make it right.’ And that’s the Batman you get now at the beginning of Justice League, is that he’s on a mission, and he’s really clearheaded about the mission and about the others that he’ll need to complete it.”

The events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showed audiences that Batman would be the true architect of the Justice League, which has created some internal struggles for the character but it also allows him to lighten up slightly.


“That’s sort of the interesting thing about this Batman is that on the one hand, he’s sort of the ultimate loner, but on the other hand, he’s sort of tasked with putting together a group. So is the guy who basically broods in a cave all day really the best person to put together a team of superheroes? And he doesn’t have huge success initially. He rubs some people the wrong way or they rub him the wrong way, he’s got to figure out how to play well with others. He barely knows how to play well with Alfred. There’s a little bit more sardonic humor, a little more irony. He’s on a little more man on a mission this time. As opposed to like he was so full of anger because of what happened at the Black Zero Event. That kind of character, that sort of rage that possessed him. And now he’s on a mission to get this group together. To constitute this League. But, more of his, that sort of Bruce Wayne, wry, ironic gallows humor comes out. He’s not like a ‘haha’ jokey, but that sort of stuff comes out a little bit. A bit of, his sort of darker humor stuff is present.”

Affleck also added that the character of Batman will evolve a lot for Justice League.

“It’s definitely, the world’s greatest detective aspect of Batman is more present in this story than it was in the last one, and will probably be expanded upon further in a Batman movie that I would do. I think all the great Batman stories are, at their heart, detective stories. That’s why they feel like noir movies in a way. Somehow feels like it could be The Maltese Falcon. But at their heart good Batman stories are, like I said, detective stories. And with detective stories, there’s a ‘what’s happening’ element, but there’s also a, ‘how do I find these people and bring them together? How are we going to work together successfully?’ Sort of a multilateralist element.”

Justice League hits theaters November 17, 2017.

Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman’s selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy.  Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat.  But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash—it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

Directed by Zack Snyder, this marks the big screen debut of the Justice League, featuring an all-star lineup: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher.

Source: Collider

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  • Chris W

    I can’t say I’d describe any of the previous Batman films as a noir(if that’s what they’re implying?). But boy, I would get a mega hard on for a true noir Batman story.

    • Jewie

      I think he was referring to the comics. He says the best Batman stories feel like noir movies in a way.

  • Axxell

    Having Batman as the architect of the JL certainly presents an opportunity for an interesting dichotomy, but I think they really need to work on coming up with a better motive for him; if he’s a loner, he’d need an undisputable reason to make a team. That’s why jamming the Dark Knight story (and if that weren’t somber enough, the Death of Superman) into the beginning of the DCCU, was the worst idea ever. It’ll be hard to come up with something that makes sense now.

    • Joey Wabi-Sabi

      What do you mean they need to come up with a better motive for him to create the JL? They already gave the motive in BvS. Superman’s death WAS the reason. And his convo with Lex about others coming to Earth. Batman has all the motivation he needs already. He even tells Wonder Woman he needs her help to find the others. So obviously Justice League movie is going to start out with Bruce seeking out the others already. There’s not going to be ANOTHER event that makes Batman decide to create the JL. He’s already decided to create the team. Did you watch BvS bro? I’m confused why you don’t know this lol. All good though, now you know!

      • Axxell

        No…I watched the movie. But considering the climax of the movie along with Batman’s personality, I don’t see him as one to be scared into thinking he needs help just because an obviously insane Luthor rambled on about….someone coming? He doesn’t even know if it’s true at all. For all he and we know, it could just be Luthor trying to manipulate him. I mean, the guy already has the weapon to kill Doomsday…what else is there to prepare for? And why would he need help to come up with a bigger spear?

        • Joey Wabi-Sabi

          I could not disagree with you more, and you’re severely downplaying the threat that Doomsday posed in the movie. Did we watch the same movie? You seem to be describing a climax where Batman saved the day and defeated Doomsday?? That sounds like a really cool movie bro, but it’s definitely not what happened in BvS. Do you even remember how Doomsday was killed? It took ALL 3 heroes to take him down. Wonder Woman distracted and constrained him; Batman used Wayne tech to weaken him; and Superman used his flying skills and super strength to drive the spear through his heart. All 3 heroes were outmatched on their own. They were only able to take him out together.

          I think it’s pretty clear in Batman’s mind and the audience’s mind (if you were paying attention) that if Superman and Wonder Woman were not there, he would have gotten himself killed. He almost DID get killed if it weren’t for Wonder Woman showing up when she did. And now Superman is dead. That’s even MORE of a reason to create the Justice League. They just lost their star quarterback! How do you not see this?? It’s pretty straight forward.

          Whether you like the reason or not, the reason for Batman creating the JL has already been given. Doomsday represented a massive shift in Batman’s way of thinking. It’s the realization that there are bigger threats in this world that Batman cannot handle on his own. This has ALWAYS been a factor in why Batman decides to create the JL in the comics or animated versions. At the end of BvS, he makes it clear that he’s a man on a new mission. And he makes it clear that he’s going to start finding the others. So don’t expect to see some kind of new event in the JL movie which motivates Batman. The catalyst event has already happened. He’s already motivated. And the 1st half of the movie will deal with him recruiting the team already. This has already been confirmed. I’m just surprised that you don’t understand Batman’s motivations, and the NEED to create a team of heroes. PLEASE re watch BvS. Now that I’ve fully explained it to you, I think you’ll enjoy the movie a lot more now. :-)

          • Axxell

            Of course you and me see it differently because we’re reasonable, and we understand his limitations, but that’s not how HE has ever thought. This is Batman we’re talking about…80% of the time, anything he does in the comics, he’s doing it alone. He’s not the kind of man who looks for help even when his life is on the line, especially considering that the weapon that killed Doomsday was of his own creation…why could he not just build a custom solution for threats like Doomsday? Batman is the king of prep, is he not?

      • SAMURAI36

        Not only that, but Batman has always been essential in the formation of the JL. But Axxey doesn’t know that, because he knows nothing about DC.