Brian Michael Bendis On How Writing The DC Universe Is Different From Marvel

Action Comics #1000 Review: A Touching Superman Tribute Features Bendis' DC DebutFor over 18 years, writer Brian Michael Bendis has worked for Marvel Comics, having launched the Ultimate Spider-Man title and creating such characters as Jessica Jones and Riri Williams, the former of whom has received wider recognition thanks to her hit Netflix series. Recently, however, Bendis has moved on from the House of Ideas to their competition, DC Comics, to write the Man of Steel himself, Superman.

One would think the two universes would share a few similarities, but Bendis himself admits there aren’t that many similarities between the two universes in an interview with CBR:

“I’m six months deep into it now,” Bendis says to CBR. “As a co-author, I can tell you, DC the company does everything differently than Marvel does, including pay vouchers, to produce the same, final product. As a craft junkie, I’m obsessed with this. I love it. And there are some things that Marvel did that were a little better, and some things DC does a little better. It’s not a critique or a criticism, it’s just, they do things differently. How they all relate to each other is different. And I’m fascinated by it.”

Bendis also goes on to say it’s not just the process that differentiates the two companies:

“From that, all the way to the energy of the shared universe — working on the Marvel shared universe is completely different than working in the shared universe at DC, and you’ll have to ask me a year from now how, because I can’t even wrap my head around what’s different. I was thinking, if I was writing the Star Wars universe or the Westworld universe, it would feel as different to me, I guess. The story and the characters demand a different type of different energy and a different type of mindset from me, and that is fascinating.”

Bendis began his tenure with DC with a entry in Action Comics #1000, and is set to launch the six part Man of Steel weekly miniseries next week, with his runs on Superman and Action Comics starting in July.

Source: CBR

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