Benedict Cumberbatch Has Major Following in Nepal

It’s been nearly two months since Marvel Studios took to South Asia to shoot some exterior sequences for Doctor Strange in the capital of Nepal. While shooting any exterior sequences for a major Marvel film is likely to garner some attention, the producers on Doctor Strange made the seemingly safe assumption that they might not have this problem in Kathmandu. As it turns out, they were dead wrong.

Executive producer Charles Newirth explains the situation as one of the most remarkable fan turnouts he’s encountered in his career. Numerous people crowded the location, largely for a chance to see Benedict Cumberbatch in person. As described by Newirth:

“We were in Kathmandu, we were shooting in some of the public areas, and the crowds that turned out for Benedict weren’t like anything I’ve ever seen in 30 years in the business. It was like the Beatles showed up after The Ed Sullivan Show. He did one thing one day where he just popped his head out of a window just to say ‘Hi’ to the fans and it just erupted into just love and adoration. There were girls that were crying and hugging each other when they saw him go by. It was really remarkable.”

Since it was his interest in Eastern mysticism that brought him aboard the project in the first place, Cumberbatch must feel touched to know he has such a following across the hemisphere. His fans in Kathmandu should be excited to see him cast some spells in his new adventure as the Sorcerer Supreme when Doctor Strange releases on November 4, 2016.

Source: EW

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