Benicio Del Toro Talks ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ Rumors

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens will hit theaters this Winter, but focus has recently shifted towards looking towards future films. Rian Johnson will take the Directors chair from JJ Abrams and will also write Episode VIII. Star Wars fans are wondering where Johnson will take the franchise next.

Rumors have been floating around the internet like crazy for the Star Wars universe. The one rumor that stuck out was that Benicio Del Toro had been offered the villain role in Episode VIII. While we haven’t had any confirmation, Del Toro recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about those rumors and coyly confirmed that something villainous was in the works with Lucasfilm and Disney.

I can’t tell you much about it but I think that it might happen. It looks like it’s gonna happen so I’m very excited. I can’t talk too much about it. The script is hard to get. They told me they’d cut my finger if I talk about it.

Although this isn’t an exact confirmation and Del Toro could still be negotiating and we could possibly end up with and entirely different actor as the villain in Episode VII. Are you hopeful that Del Toro will get the part? 

Star Wars Episode VIII Hits Theaters May 26, 2017!


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