5 Best Superman Moments Of The DCEU So Far

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DCEU Henry Cavill Superman
The DCEU has found it’s own definitive version of Superman. Henry Cavill has been given the opportunity to play the iconic superhero in this monster of a DC franchise and so far he’s done a great job with the role and brining Superman into the new century in a new way. With Justice League set to hit theaters later this year it’s safe to say that we will be seeing a lot from him over the next several years. So far there have only been two movies featuring him but these two movies have already given us some memorable moments with the character. These moments in particular stand out and give a weight to the character that is crucial to this series continued success. While it still may be early it’s a good time to look back at said great moments.

Here are 5 of the Best DCEU Superman Moments So Far. Click Next to continue

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Christian Michael Stoic

Christian Michael Stoic

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  • Slim Shazy

    Stopping the World Engine should be somewhere there.

    • Definitely. Saving the entire human species from destruction (and a multitude of others for that matter). Hello!

  • Fenix

    Lol he looks so evil in the pic you guys chose.

  • 12stepCornelius

    Regenerating after the nuke took him out. So cool and really drove home the point about how alien Superman really is, something previous films have skipped over.

  • 1. Man of Steel end credits begin to roll
    2. Batman Loves Superman’s end credits begin to roll.
    3. Suicide Squad’s end credits begin to roll.

    Hmm, only three good parts so far. Hopefully Wonder Woman can gives us something better than the simple relief of it being over. Fingers crossed!

  • Hello

    Spellcheck. Stopped reading after finding mistakes on the first two pages.

  • 1) destroys the World Engine
    2) makes Bruce Wayne realize what a lost soul he has become by putting him in touch with all of his unresolved childhood rage and helplessness about his parents’ murder
    3) sacrifices his own life (twice!) in the fight with Doomsday
    4) rises to the challenge of defeating a band of Kryptonian warriors when he himself is a farm boy from Kansas
    5) marvel and joy at discovery of his life history from interaction with Jor-El’s AI

    Honorable mention for his heartfelt anguish at having to kill Zod.

  • LupeX

    For me
    1. Transfiguration and First Flight, most definitely.
    2. The Day of the Dead sequence
    3. Destroying World Engine
    4. Oil Rig rescue
    5. Doomsday fight/sacrifice

    Honorable mention:
    Destroying the world engine

    • Tiago

      The Day of the Dead sequence is beautiful!

    • Splinter76

      Oh good list!! How did I forget the Day of the Dead sequence?
      I also like the moment when he rescued the capsule after the explosion. Just a cool moment.

  • Jose Striedinger

    I would add the “YOU THINK! YOU CAN THREATEN! MY MOTHER!” from Man of Steel. That was, literally, the first time Clark let himself go.

  • Matt Webb Mitovich

    So many typos. I give up.

  • razorstar90

    All these moments are “meh” because of the poor set up.

    • Hans


  • ricardo

    When Superman saves Lex form Doomsday.

    • Shadowknight1

      I think this should’ve been there. Could Clark have just let Doomsday pummel Lex into paste? Yes. Might he have wanted to? Very likely. But saving the life of your enemy from a mindless aberration(still the reason I didn’t ever want Doomsday to be the headline villain of his own movie) is a very Superman thing to do.

  • 1) Lifting the oil rig….our first glimpse of the new Superman’s strength, physique, and willingness for sacrifice (he’s knocked out in the ocean after this)
    2) “You think you can threaten my mother” was just awesome
    3) First flight (Flight, the music track is amazing as well)
    4) Saving Luthor from Doomsday…the man who tried to kill both women he loved gets rescued…small but powerful moment.
    5) Post-nuclear fallout…which should’ve been the end scene, cutting to black, after the gov used the nuke at the END of the fight. This would’ve sent Doomsday to the outter regions of space to return later and Supes left assumingly dead to Earth but not killed by Doomsday until a future battle, having much more effect.

  • Xephe

    You would have to expand this list from 5 to 30 to really capture the best moments of Superman.

  • Eric Norman

    Number one is a tie between First Flight and Destroying World Engine. The individual scores that complimented the visual narratives of both scenes were so fitting that they both stand tall. I feel that putting one below the other would just underrate it.

    Next would be Day of the Dead, Oil Rig, and following the aforementioned scenes in the list.

  • Jordan Valdés

    My favorite DCEU Superman moment so far is absolutely his first flight! It’s such a beautiful and inspirational scene!

  • Everton
  • Kouglof

    For me, the best scene is with Jor-EL : “You can save her Kal, you can save all of them”

  • Daggard

    The bit where he left millions in Metropolis to fend for themselves, to fly halfway across the world to the Indian Ocean to fight a machine. Classic Superman.

    • jrvc

      And if he hadn’t done that, the whole planet would have been destroyed…

    • DarkoCool

      So in your opinion he should have split himself in half or cloned himself so he could be in two places at one time? I didn’t know Supes had that power.

  • His first flight – that gleeful laugh when he realises he’s actually flying.
    His anguish at having to kill Zod.
    Destroying the world engine
    Holding up that oil right whatever right at the begining
    Sacrificing himself to kill Doomsday
    Oh and any guy who cooks for his woman after she gets home from a long trip…Honourable mention :)

  • Jordan Williams

    My favorite is just before the first flight.. one day they will join you in the sun.

  • Matt_Bruinsfan

    Until last week my favorite DCEU moment was Wonder Woman popping up to rescue Batman (and the movie itself) toward the end of Batman v. Superman.

    As far as Superman-specific moments, I agree with #1 and #2, but wouldn’t list any of the ones from BvS. In their place I’d probably pick Clark telling his mother about finding his heritage, Superman breaking the World Engine, and the “This man is not our enemy” moment.

  • Neat

    His first fight with the Kryptonians was best. Really good to have Superman’s speed in a fight properly captured. I watched Man of Steel twice in IMAX. Epic movie.

  • Splinter76

    Great list!!! I agree with others, that stopping the World Engine was awesome as well.

  • Facebook User

    Hold on. He wasnt about to murder lex…wtf are you talking about??