7 Best Moments In The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

7. Spider Senses

Infinity War

As the trailer kicks into gear, Josh Brolin’s Thanos performs a voice over monologue. At the same time, the audience is shown different members of the Avengers first realizing there is a threat upon them. Before Thanos’ invading ship is even shown, Peter Parker’s hairs start to rise on the bus. After realizing something is wrong, he quickly turns to gaze out the window and notices exactly what is floating above New York City.

This is a huge boost for the character. Even though he already had some superhero experience in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter ‘s spider-sense abilities never developed. Now that there is a situation that threatens the whole world, it’s fitting that his powers into overdrive. Since Kevin Feige has already said Spider-Man will be the linchpin of the MCU moving forward in phase four, it makes sense that he will grow into his full potential as we inch closer to that point.

Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • ImmortalSix

    How could you miss the Nomad Captain America moment when Scarlett Witch appears relieved that “Cap” is back and ready to roll?

  • Lunkman

    Spider-Man also had the Jarvis- like interface in the first costume from Stark, doesn’t need Iron Spider armor for it as suggested in the article…