‘The Birth Of A Nation’ Releases Living Poster


The Birth of a Nation has released a brand new poster in promotion of the film but this isn’t a typical poster. This is being described as a “living poster.” The poster showcases the cast coming together and is in the same spirt as the traditional American flag.

Interact with the living poster here:

The film chronicles the 1831 slave rebellion led by Nat Turner, a literate slave who became a traveling preacher with his owner Samuel Turner (Armie Hammer). Witnessing the horror of slavery day-in and day-out drives Turner to lead the bloodiest uprising in American history with the hope of attaining freedom from bondage.

This has been a passion project for director Nate Parker for years. Parker gave up numerous jobs, acting and otherwise, to focus solely on getting his film made.
The first teaser has already been released for the film which will be released on October 7.

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis, TV division, joined Heroic Hollywood in 2016. Prior to joining the team at Heroic, she worked for TheCelebrityCafe.com covering everything from music to...

  • Joe Chaisson

    Wow… And it will be another movie the academy over looks for a Tom Hanks or Speilberg film. But wow… Trailer was done really well.

    • Ryan Lancaster

      The trailer for The Witch looked really good too but we all saw how much of a letdown that was. I won’t say anything good or bad until I see it myself. Could be a masterpiece, could be a piece of garbage. Can’t judge it by a trailer.

  • Loop Hughes

    I wonder how Nate Parker’s old rape case and homophobia will play into this Oscar race.

    • Normarbishop4

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