Black Canary To Appear In Episode 4 Of Animated ‘Vixen’

Black Canary

As the original leading lady of Arrow, Laurel Lance wasn’t done any favors when she was on the show, sidelined in a lot of ways and practically replaced in importance.

Then, to make matters worse, she was killed off last season. But CW Seed’s animated Vixen will be bringing her back for an appearance in the show’s fourth episode. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim spoke about the upcoming episode and where it’ll take Vixen.

“Episode 4 is a lot of fun because it takes us from Detroit to Star City. We get to see the animated version of Felicity Smoak. That was probably the character who I got the most requests on. Everyone wanted to see the animated version of Felicity.”

Although Felicity will be appearing, having Black Canary and The Atom be in the episode is pretty exciting.

Guggenheim continues, saying how great it was to have the two characters involved in the episode.

“Also an opportunity for us to see Laurel Lance and Ray Palmer as Black Canary and The Atom. It was so great. I mean obviously, every single cast member who we asked to participate said yes, and everyone was game for it. I think they were kind of tickled to do an animated version, and one of the fun parts about the project was when the designs came in for each of the characters, I sent them to the actors so they could see what their animated incarnations look like, and they got a kick out of it.”

Vixen episode four is now streaming on CW Seed.


Mae Abdulbaki

Mae Abdulbaki

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