DC Legend, Black Lightning On Fox: Here Are 5 Things We Should Expect

#2 He’s a teacher, first.


This might seem unimportant, but Jefferson Pierce’s ongoing story arcs actually rely a lot on him coming from this kind of profession. True, he was also an Olympic decathlon star, but that’s more interchangeable than his current role as a mentor and guide to his daughters (though the synopsis only mentions there will be one) and eventually Static Shock.

The show will hopefully maintain this dynamic between him and his high school daughters and star students, whom he should be able to keep tabs on and engage with outside their home. And the girls are both future vigilantes themselves, likely to come into their own in later seasons if Black Lightning is successful and again, if they actually feature two daughters.

That said, it’s key for this show to recognize the dramatic parallels between Jefferson Pierce as a teacher (and principal) and Black Lightning as a “doer,” in the sense that he sometimes has to take action rather than stand aside. To be fair, though, he’s been characterized in the comics to be a fantastic educator and well known throughout the country for cleaning up the public school system, though that probably won’t exactly be where this series begins.

Jon Negroni

Jon Negroni

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  • Maxi Iroh

    What if his kid turns out to be Virgil.

  • flavortang

    I cannot believe that we’re at a point where freakin’ BLACK LIGHTNING is getting his own show. I just wish it was tied into the other DCTV projects. Maybe it’ll pull a Supergirl eventually and merge with it.

  • Peter James

    >>>>”Like electricity itself, he has lightning-fast reflexes and can move (and fly) at the speed of light. “

    That’s nonsensical, especially when you consider the fact that electricity (which is basically charged particles (electrons)) itself doesn’t move at the speed of light and quite frankly can’t.

    Nothing that has mass (including sub-atomic particles like electrons and charged ions) can move at the speed of light according the principle of General Relativity.

    There’s artistic license and fantasy, and then there’s just plain old fashioned nonsense.

    • Monty

      But if they changed his name to Photon in a Vacuum Man, I’d buy the premise.

    • flavortang

      You sound fun.


    One thing that I’d add to this list, is that he’s a father. Lighting and Thunder are his daughters, and he’s also served as a mentor for Static.


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTBeljjsDD8 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/aa5eed86c47abfe2066eff9dc868001177174769f226ffde0c62a9bdc2453701.jpg

  • flavortang

    If he had sidekicks or kids that inherited his powers he could name them Jolt, Sparkle, Zap, .etc. Have a whole Black Lightning family similar to the Bat-family and Flash-family where the heroes have a similar power set.