‘Black Lightning’: Marvin “Krondon” Jones III Talks Playing Villain Tobias Whale

Black LightningBlack Lightning will pit the titular DC hero against the criminal gang named The 100 and their leader Tobias Whale.  Portraying the influential villain will be Marvin “Krondon” Jones III in his major acting role. In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Jones discussed Tobias’ relationship with Black Lightning and how the character’s experience as a politician will influence the villain.

Jones commented on the rivalry between Black Lightning and Tobias Whale, stating that the DC hero’s motivation for taking on crime is partly driven by vengeance:

“Their relationship is one that is an ongoing rivalry that is deeply rooted in the makeup of both of them, who they are as men, especially Black Lightning. I think there would be no Black Lightning without Tobias Whale. I think the motivation and the key motivation for Black Lightning is not only the betterment of Freeland and to rid Freeland of any kind of chaos, but — at the same time — vengeance is an undertone motivation for him, for the things that he’s experienced and witnessed as a child. I think that whether he lets onto that or not… I think that’s even a subconscious thing for him. On the surface, Jefferson’s whole thing is he just wants to do good and do right. I think under that is a big air of vengeance that’s motivating Black Lightning.”

When asked how Tobias’ role as a politician influences the character, Jones mentioned current United States President Donald Trump:

“I mean, that’s everything. The fact that he’s a politician kind of talks to how meticulous he is about his tricks, about his speech, about how he carries himself, the decisions that he makes, him being a manipulator and being willing to do anything to get his way. That’s what politicians do. I think it all lends to the villain. If you think about it, our president now is the ultimate villain, and he’s the world’s villain right now. I don’t lie. And we have to respect him as a human too, because we know his kids, we know his wife, we know him, and he’s a villain.”

Jones also discussed Tobias’ relationship with Lady Eve, noting that she is something of a mother figure to the villain:

“Lady Eve is the only person of authority over him. It means something to him, I think ultimately because it’s a woman. I think ultimately his affinity for Lady Eve has to do with the fact that she’s kind of a mother figure to him — but she’s not his mother. That’s all I’ll say about that. [laughs]”

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Black Lightning star Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning, Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce, China Anne McClain as Jennifer Pierce and Christine Adams as Lynn Pierce.

Black Lightning premieres on January 16 at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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