‘Black Lightning’ Star Believes The Success Of ‘Black Panther’ Can Help Boost Ratings

Black Lightning Lawanda The Book of Hope PromoOver the past year, the rise of African-American superheroes has been significant, to say the least.  The runaway success of Marvel’s Black Panther has been heard by everyone who isn’t living under a rock at this point. The film, a crossover hit, has attracted seasoned nerds as well as newcomers to the genre. Above all, it has ignited a sincere interest in African-American superheroes and Black Lightning’s Cress Williams is hoping his show will benefit from this success.

In an interview with TV Guide, Williams commented on the impact of Black Panther and the expectations that come with it:

“I hope it has a positive effect. A lot of people were like, ‘Oh man, your numbers are going to totally go up!’ It actually makes sense because Black Panther was such a great movie and hopefully it whets your appetite for more, so then you have the opportunity to watch a TV show like every single week. So I hope so. We haven’t really seen it yet.”

Black Lightning has been something of a hit itself. The premiere of the freshman series was CW’s strongest debut in two years. However, a little boost from another great hero couldn’t hurt!

The show stars Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning, Nafessa Williams as Anissa Pierce, China Anne McClain as Jennifer Pierce and Christine Adams as Lynn Pierce.

Black Lightning returns tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

Source: TV Guide

10 DC Comics Heroes That Should Appear On ‘Black Lightning’

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Black Lightning DC ComicsBlack Lightning premieres on the CW this month and fan excitement is high. Since it was announced that Black Lightning would not exist in the Arrowverse, but instead would be part of the multiverse like Supergirl, DC fans have been wondering what that means for other heroes to appear. Arrow started to introduce a larger canvas in season one with the introduction of Huntress and The Flash‘s first season introduced Firestorm so it stands to reason other DC Comics heroes might pop up in Black Lightning sooner rather than later.

This separate universe may open the door for Black Lightning to introduce lesser known DC heroes that don’t quite fit with the Justice League-level of heroes found in the Arrowverse. Black Lightning has a history of this in the comics, being a member of Batman’s the Outsiders, a group of superheroes who don’t quite fit the traditional standards of the superhero community. That should be the standard for what heroes are introduced on Black Lightning.

We compiled a list of ten DC superheroes that should appear on Black Lightning. Hit Next to get started!

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    It’s a good show. Provides a window for anyone interested in seeing how someone else lives using a fantasy setting. I like how the show doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable situations and interactions.