‘Blade Runner 2049’: Barkhad Abdi Reveals New Character Details

'Blade Runner 2049': Barkhad Abdi Reveals New Character Details

The upcoming Blade Runner 2049, is set to hit theatres everywhere on October 6th. The new movie will take audiences back to the futuristic Los Angeles, as established in 1982’s Blade Runner. While Harrison Ford will reprise his role as Rick Deckard, La La Land star Ryan Gosling will take on the lead role. Arrival‘s Denis Villeneuve will helm the upcoming film, with Ridley Scott taking on a producing role. Not much is known about the new movie, except a very brief teaser trailer. All we really know is that Gosling’s character is a Blade Runner.

Captain Philips star Barkhad Abdi will also appear in the new movie. Up until, not much was known about his role. But, in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Academy Award-nominated actor revealed some interesting character details:

“He’s a scientist, and he’s totally deformed.”

Abdi also revealed that he shot scenes with Gosling. The actor was then asked how he felt about living up to the original’s quality:

“It’s not pressure, it’s a blessing. But for me, I do everything that I do to the full extent like it’s the last one. I feel an obligation to [surpass] Captain Phillips — that’s my goal. So every time I have an opportunity, I like to do what I can, because I’m all about this [career].”

So, how do you guys feel about this news? Are you excited for the upcoming film? As far as upcoming sequels are concerned, I think Blade Runner 2049 may be my most anticipated film of the year. With a cast that includes Gosling, Ford, Abdi, Jared Leto and many more; who could not be psyched for this one?

Blade Runner 2049 hits theatres everywhere on October 6th, 2017.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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