Bob Iger Talks Disney Streaming Service And Original Content

Disney Streaming Service Bob IgerFollowing the announcement that Disney will be launching its own Netflix-style streaming service in 2019, Disney CEO Bob Iger has been discussing some of the details of the company’s plans for the service. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Iger talked about why the decision was made to launch a Disney-owned service, as well as their plans to produce original content exclusively for it.

Iger claimed the platform is being launched in response to recent seismic shifts in the media industry. The rise of new technologies, such as services offered by Netflix and Amazon, called for Disney to embrace the change in the ways audiences are engaging with content. According to Iger:

“Well, we announced what we’re doing is we’re taking product out there direct-to-consumers, a sports product in 2018 and a Disney-branded product in 2019. And we’re doing that because we experienced and see a huge disruption in the media business. It doesn’t take a genius, I think, to conclude that the media business today doesn’t look anything like the media business even five years ago. At some point, we felt it would be necessary for us to not only be disruptive but to disrupt our business ourselves. The decision to do that came when we felt we were no longer seeing a speedbump of disruption, which is basically something that occurs, changes things a bit and we react to it. What we were seeing instead was real, profound and permanent change.”

So what can viewers expect to see on the service? We already know Disney are planning to pull their content from Netflix – including Disney-owned Marvel and Star Wars movies – to add to their streaming service. Further to this, however, Iger revealed plans to produce original content specifically for the new platform. This will be in the form of five new films per year, as well as original series:

“We’ll make original films for the platform, probably about five a year. Those will be made specifically for the platform. And we’ll do the same for television. We’ll make original TV series; we’ll take Disney Channel series and move them eventually to this platform. And we’ll also fill it in with shorts and other library product. So it’ll have thousands of hours of Disney, Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars-branded product on it.”

The plans to release original content on the new service won’t impact Disney’s output in theaters, though. Big movies will still be released in theaters first:

“If you want to watch it right away when it comes out you’ll have to go to the movie theater. We’re not creating what’s called a premium movie or video window for that. We’re in the business of making about 10 tentpole films, we say premium films for a premium experience. We’re gonna stay in that business. We’re not going to move those to smaller devices.”

The move certainly seems to make sense for Disney. With streaming services and other digital platforms becoming bigger and bigger players in the modern media industry, the larger production companies are likely going to have to adapt sooner or later in order to stay on top.

Are you planning to sign up for Disney’s new service upon its launch? Do you think Iger and Disney are making the right call by launching their own service, instead of relying on existing platforms like Netflix to distribute their content? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Vanity Fair (via Screen Rant)

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