Josh Boone May Have Revealed Which ‘New Mutants’ Will Be Appearing In The Film

New_Mutants_Vol_3_38_TextlessWhile we’ve heard some rumors about which characters would be featured in Josh Boone’s upcoming New Mutants film, the director himself might have just revealed which mutants you should expect to see. Boone has uploading some images on Instagram throughout the day which feature ‘Wolfsbane’, ‘Mirage’, ‘Cannonball’, ‘Sunspot’, ‘Magik’, & ‘Warlock’ which were all members of the team throughout the years.

Currently the film doesn’t have a relese date but with recent casting rumors and the director teasing the film’s lineup, it should only be a be a matter of time before we get some official details regarding the project. Check out which images the director posted below and let us know what you think about the possible line-up for the film in the comments section afterwards.


Source: Instagram

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

I write stuff. Sometimes.

  • Seb

    I’d be surprised if they didn’t replace Cannonball with Negasonic from Deadpool

    • Chris Aytes

      Connonball is pretty pivotal in New Mutants/X-Factor lore. Negasonic isn’t, and in the films she’s from a completely different era. They’ve spoken of the new Storm character/actress being in the film, so I’ll assume it’s to take place in the 90’s, following their decade-a-movie approach.

      All of this is speculation based on the idea that this film will exist in the current universe, which may not be the case.

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  • capwulf

    Its the New Mutants….no surprise there. Negasonic in her movie incarnation and Cannonball are kinda similar, they may axe her, I hope not though

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