The Bourne Reflection – A Look Back

The Bourne Legacy – dir. Tony Gilroy


I was a bit underwhelmed when I first saw The Bourne Legacy when it came out in theaters. The easy answer would be due to the lack of, you know – Jason Bourne, but his absence was sorely felt. When I revisited this film, I hoped to have found more to appreciate that I did not grasp on my first viewing, because there was always more to unravel from the previous three films. Unfortunately, I wounded up liking this movie even less. Jeremy Renner is a fantastic actor, and he tries his hardest to be a compelling character, but Aaron Cross himself is just not that interesting to follow. Tony Gilroy’s directing is as bland as you can get, and the tension that Liman and Greengrass made signature to this franchise is completely absent. What sinks this lifeless film even lower is the complete waste of Edward Norton, who is criminally underused and is given a thankless role that literally anybody can play. I guess having this film take place simultaneously along with Ultimatum was an interesting narrative choice, but that doesn’t save from this being a snorefest. Despite my dislike for this film, I am still interested in the prospect of seeing Cross and Bourne together in a future film, hopefully with a good story to back it up.

Noah Villaverde

Noah Villaverde

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