Brian Grazer On Why The ’24’ Movie Never Happened

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Executive Producer Brian Grazer has been involved with the production of Fox’s hit series 24 since it was first created by Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow in 2001. Some fans might remember once upon a time there was a 24 feature film in development after the series closed with the eighth season but the project never managed to come to fruition. Grazer recently opened up about the movie which was ultimately scrapped and reworked as the limited series 24: Live Another Day, telling Deadline:

“I got Howard involved, I got Kiefer involved, I worked on the movie for two years. We couldn’t really find the right world to put it in, the right location. To base it in America seemed not very authentic whereas to do a TV show in America was the perfect bridge. We put it in European countries, but it wasn’t working there with the economics, we couldn’t find enough money to make it. So we couldn’t find the right location, we couldn’t find the right story, and it was always too expensive.”

While 24 did resonate overseas — which was actually how it managed to get picked up for a second season — Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) was a much more meaningful character to Americans as his character provided a sense of hope in the wake of 9/11. But the world has changed since 2001 and Fox’s new reboot of 24, titled 24: Legacy is set to tackle a much more relevant topic to today’s world: homegrown terrorism. Legacy will attempt to offer blue collar Americans a new hero at a time when they are underrepresented in the television landscape. Grazer added:

“I think middle America will watch the show and they will feel a sense of escape and relief by watching it.”

The new 12-episode series will introduce Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton) as the new hero Eric Carter. Carter is a war hero who has just returned home from an overseas mission to take out the head of a major terrorist organization, Bin-Khalid. Carter’s hellish day begins when he suddenly finds himself targeted by members of Khalid’s organization operating within the borders of the United States. With no one else to trust, Carter turns to C.T.U. Director Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Cotto) — who coordinated his mission in the Middle East — for help to protect his family as he takes on the rest of Khalid’s organization and most likely thwart a terror plot by the end of the day.

The clock resets Sunday, February 5th after the Superbowl on FOX.

Source: Deadline

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