Bruce Campbell On Future Of ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

Good news all you Ash vs. Evil Dead fans, star Bruce Campbell wants to keep making the show for a while yet. Speaking to, Campbell talked about his love for the character, and how he’s not close to being done with him yet.

“I’m delighted with Ash. He’s officially the best character that I’ve ever played, and it’s one that I’m going to investigate and explore until they tell me I can’t do it anymore. I find Ash, with all of his flaws, all his foibles, all his mistakes, so wonderfully human that it’s hard for me to relate to super hero movies.”

Campbell seems to have given some thought about the show’s future, and his role in it in particular.

“I’ll take five! I’ll take five seasons of this. Give the fans a big boost of the material; they’ll have 25 fresh hours of the show after this, after we’re done [with five seasons], and that’s like making 12 movies!”

It’s not easy to argue with logic like that. Ash vs. Evil Dead just begun its second season, and airs on Sunday’s on Starz.

Sam Easton

Sam Easton

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