Bruce Timm on Adding Story to ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Animated Film

Yesterday, at Wizard World in New Orleans, Executive Producer Bruce Timm explained the Batman: The Killing Joke animated film will stay faithful to the comic. However, with the 1988 graphic novel being rather short, Tim stated they will have to add more story for the film.

“The one big difference about it, as opposed to those other projects (The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & Part 2), is The Killing Joke… the source material is really not long enough to make an entire feature film out of, so we actually had to add a lot more story to it. Which is tricky. But I think we came up with a really good solution on how that worked.”

Bruce Timm also said DC Entertainment plans to show the film this July.

“We’re actually going to be premiering it at San Diego Comic-Con.”

Check out Bruce Timm’s comments in the video below.



(Eric Opperman)

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