Most Brutal Fitness Routines For Movie Stars

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As with any New Year, this January no doubt saw a spike in first-time gym memberships and attendances as people up and down the country decided to do something about their extra Christmas pouds, or that resolution to finally get in shape. If you’re looking for a new way to keep fit, there are worse places to start than the latest movie star workouts.

“But why would I want to try any of the brutal routines they put themselves through?” we hear you cry. Well, for starters, the stars’ passion for fitness tends to form the foundations of the latest workout crazes; you can often tell what will be coming to a gym near you by the workouts being undertaken across social media and glossy magazines. In addition, the routines cherished by movie stars tend to have been created by professionals of the health and nutrition industry, and can be adapted for almost anyone to follow; this is advice you know that you can trust, with moves that you get to grips with in your own time. More than that, there’s something incredibly rewarding about following a particular fitness plan and seeing it through. Perhaps because the stars of the silver screen inspire us, we’re a little more inclined to follow something through. Besides, aren’t you even a little curious as to how your favorite movie star got to looking that good?

A movie star workout: what you need to know

Whatever your reason for seeking a new fitness routine, remember that these things take time, and that some are designed to be followed for longer than others. While classes are structured to help you build fitness over a prolonged period of time, other more intense workouts are suitable for reaching a particular level of fitness. If you’re going to start working out like a movie star, you should probably equip yourself to look like a movie star too. Compression clothing, which promotes improved circulation, keeps muscles and ligaments oxygenated and supported while you exercise, and traps moisture away from the skin as you work out, is incredibly popular with movie stars and fitness fanatics of every kind. Before you begin your improved fitness routine, head to your nearest athletic clothing store or online retailer and see how their compression clothing could benefit you.

The movie star workout: getting it done

The important thing to remember about movie star workouts is that they’re often designed for those who have little choice in the matter, or those for whom fitness and exercise is life – for actors keen to get into peak physical shape for a particular role, and those who are used to putting their bodies through intense routines on a regular basis. The routines that we’ve chosen to explore could all be tailored to the skills and abilities of just about anyone, meaning that those who are new to exercise could start small and build their way to grander things. Just remember not to run before you can walk.

TRX Suspension Training

The Navy Seals originally developed TRX Suspension Training as a way of pushing recruits further than ever before. This workout oozes military precision, and is going to make you ache afterwards. TRX was designed to work every single part of your body, and involves an elasticated strap with handles and varying weights that will pull and tweak your muscles until they’re significantly stronger. While it’s possible to purchase a TRX pro kit and begin your new workout at home, it’s recommended that you start with a class first. This will enable you to learn the ropes, quite literally, before letting loose on your own. TRX sessions will force you to become super-aware of your body as you train, bringing harmony to your limbs. It’s little wonder that so many movie stars are using this method when it comes to training for action roles. Aaron Taylor-Johnson was a huge follower as he prepared for Kick Ass 2 and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Bar Method

Ballet is most certainly not just for girls. Developed by Burr Leonard, this tough workout combines ballet moves with core conditioning, weight training, yoga, and Pilates, as well as plenty of stretching in between. Designed to improve posture, strengthen and tone muscles, and burn fat, the Bar Method is sweeping celebrity circles as movie stars strive to garner the physical benefits of this dance-based workout. More than that, though, the Bar Method teaches discipline, which is absolutely vital when you pick up a new fitness routine. Just as ballet dancers are taught to respect their art form and push themselves to their limits, the Bar Method teaches new recruits to respect and trust their body. Done right, the Bar Method can sculpt, define, and tone, but your body may burn for days afterwards – at least it’ll be worth it.


It’s not a new routine by any means, but CrossFit is still widely regarded as one of the world’s most intense workouts. Combining circuit training and weightlifting with jumps, squats, gymnastics, kettlebells, and cardio exercises, CrossFit is designed to work every part of your body until you can’t imagine pushing it any further – and then asks you to put in that extra percent. Countless movie stars depend upon CrossFit to keep in shape. Featuring varied movements all carried out at high intensity, it’s not a workout for the faint-hearted, but is the ideal solution if you’re looking to retrain your brain to adore exercise. Its creator Greg Glassman designed CrossFit to be a sociable activity that numerous people can do together; the sense of camaraderie developed during classes often helps participants to push each other even further.

Working with a personal trainer

A way of life rather than a fitness routine, working with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to truly push yourself, and to find a handful of exercises that work best for you. It’s little wonder that so many stars choose the services of a personal trainer. In addition to pushing you with a series of exercises, including weights, running, swimming, stretches, cycling, and so much more, personal trainers are often nutritional experts too. It’s important to eat well while you’re pushing yourself to the limits, and so many movie stars have found solace in eating and drinking all the right things – as well as undertaking those aforementioned brutal fitness routines. Aim to drink approximately two liters of water each day, and ask your personal trainer about the diet that will complement your new workout routine.

Of course, these are just a handful of the latest fitness trends from the movie stars and beyond. If you take the time to look a little more closely for the ways that your favorite stars keep fit, you’ll no doubt stumble across a barrage of exercise, nutrition, and healthy living information – it’s all out there. While many of these regimes are as brutal as they pertain to be, others can be tailored to suit every kind of age, ability, and fitness level, as well as personality. Undertaking such regimes takes a special kind of dedication that often can’t be taught. We hope that this article has inspired you to try something new this year, or to pick up the pace with your existing fitness and nutrition program. It’s certainly not too late to reach out and grab the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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    I feel like they’re forcing some of the relationships. I also feel when they changed course on the Kara and James Olsen relationship in the back of my head I keep thinking it was because of whatever metrics they used that their inter-racial relationship wasn’t tracking well, which rubs me wrong. It also feels like they bowed to pressure about having a strong independent woman in Alex’s character and felt they had to soften her up for audience appeal.

    I’ll keep watching, but the way they’re bringing things about on the personal stories aren’t feeling genuine right now, and much more forced.