‘Bumblebee’ Writer Christina Hodson Confirmed To Be Working On…


In a recent news story, it was noted by Deadline that Bumblebee writer, Christina Hodson, has been tapped to write an upcoming untitled DC extended universe movie. She is currently penning the script for the eventual Transformers spin-off, and is credited as being the reason Bumblebee will be able to film as early as 2018.

The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzalez (who just so happens to also be Heroic Hollywood’s founder) has confirmed that Hodson will be writing the Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey spin off film. It has been known for some time now that Margot Robbie was attached to produce a film featuring her character from David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. We now know that it will also feature the Birds of Prey and could potentially include both Black Canary and the Huntress.

Suicide Squad was a mixed bag of success, being panned by critics but taking in a boat load of money world-wide. Robbie’s Quinn was a big reason for this financial success, as her character has always been a fan favorite from the comics. There is still no word on who could be directing the film.

Are you excited to learn that Christina Hodson will be writing the Harley Quinn film, and that it will feature the Birds of Prey? Let us kow below in the comments.

Source: The Wrap

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Josh Behr

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